Ghost Mine: Oregon's Infamously Haunted Crescent Mine is up for Sale

Oregon’s Infamously Haunted Crescent Mine, Featured on Syfy, is up for Sale Just in Time for Christmas!


If you’re looking to buy a gift for the paranormal enthusiast who already owns everything, I’ve got the perfect thing. Oregon’s Crescent Mine, the location for Syfy’s hit series Ghost Mine is up for grabs, so if you know someone who’s always wanted to own an insanely haunted underground location (kind of specific, but okay) their dreams are about to come true!

According to the Gold Rush Expeditions, the historic Crescent Mine and its surrounding 20 acres are up for grabs to anyone willing to make the move to Sumpter, Oregon. Don’t worry, all the field work has been done and the entire area has been meticulously surveyed, mapped, and researched, so you won’t accidentally build your house atop an abandoned mine…you’ll just have to share it with a bunch of ghosts.



Formerly known as Buckeye Mine, the site has been ground zero for masonic mysteries, unexplained deaths, and even intensely haunted artifacts, making it one of the strangest locations in the state. In 2012, the Crescent Mine’s haunted reputation landed it a central role on the hit Syfy Channel series Ghost Mine, which saw paranormal investigators Patrick H.T. Doyle and Kristen Luman leading a group of superstitious miners in a quest to solve the mysteries surrounding the property. Unfortunately the series only ran for two seasons, never letting audiences get to the bottom of what was really going on inside the mine… so you know, now’s your chance!

The Buckeye is an important and valuable mine for its native (free milling) gold values. The mine has produced thousands of tons and according to 1940 statements has $10,000,000.00 in reserves. Interesting inside the mine are a variety of iron stalactites. Water pushing through these fissures to create the formations. The gaps and spaces that allow the water to come through are textbook examples of where the gold deposits are likely..” – Gold Rush Expeditions 


If you’re looking to strike it rich, or you’re a Ghost Mine super fan hoping to satisfy your curiosity and discover the long-overdue resolution to SyFy’s series, you just need to dig up $40,000, because that’s how much the haunted camp is going to set you back. Not a bad price, all things considered.

No word yet on if the mine has had any paranormal prospectors sniffing around, but my only hope is that whoever decides to throw down the cash for the haunted Crescent Mine will document their adventures and share their evidence with the rest of us Ghost Mine fans.


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