New Paranormal Series 'Ghosts in the Hood' Coming to WE tv in January

New Paranormal Investigation Series ‘Ghosts in the Hood’ Coming to WE tv in January


Following the success of Destination America’s Ghost Brothers, the first all-black paranormal reality series, WE tv has thrown their hat in the supernatural ring by green lighting Ghosts in the Hood, a new series featuring a racially-diverse ghost hunting team tackling cases in urban areas.

Ghosts in the Hood follows the investigations of Official Paranormal Operations, a brand-new, Los Angeles-based ghost hunting team that attempts to solve supernatural cases that other teams allegedly refuse to touch.


Ghosts in the Hood’ and the O.P.O. team brings a unique blend of humor along with out-of-the-box investigative techniques,” WE tv president Marc Juris said. “While they take the job seriously, they don’t take themselves too seriously, making for a ghost-hunting series unlike anything else that’s out there.”

Ghosts in the Hood features amateur paranormal investigator Defecia Stoglin as the CEO of O.P.P., actress Jasmine Orpilla as the group’s psychic medium, Elite Vegas Paranormal Society founder Dave Purdy as the tech expert, comedian Matty Richards as the team “scaredy-cat”, and actress Maunda Oyin as the team’s chief researcher. O.P.O. doesn’t appear to have an online presence yet, but we’ll update when and if that changes.


Ghosts in the Hood is produced for WE tv by Gurney Productions, creators of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, and the first season will consist of six one-hour episodes that see O.P.P investigating everything from a funeral home in Compton to a downtown L.A. bar overrun with spirits. They even manage a first in paranormal television – a ghost hunt in a haunted piñata shop.

For long-time paranormal investigators, it’s no secret that the ghost hunting community tends to skew pretty damn white, so a bit more racial diversity in the field is a welcome change. Whether or not Ghosts in the Hood will add anything new to the genre (or whether or not it’s actually a fictional parody of paranormal reality shows – I genuinely can’t tell from the teaser) is yet to be seen, but we’ll be setting our DVRs for the premiere on WE tv, Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017 to find out.

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  1. Dan W

    10/31/2016 at 6:38 AM

    So this is a comedy spoof? Or real and spoofy?

  2. Ann

    12/08/2016 at 5:39 PM

    Of course!!! Can’t wait!!

  3. halima

    03/14/2017 at 3:11 PM

    This show make no sense in community where people have access to

    [1] Pastors. Iman’s , [2] BOTANICAS, [3] African [Hoodoo] traditional Root Workers, Family member who practice tradition African religious,[4] African celebrations with many African religious legacy : Latino BABALOAS, we have Haitian MAMBOS,

    New age African centered spiritualist or IFA-ODU people are at most Black History /kwanza/ DrumCircle,African slavery remembrance events. So this show is really out of synch with the Black community…!!!

    Entertainment only!!!!

    This is pure guilty pleasure entertainment, there is no spiritual or psychic connection to any medium ship what so ever, unless it’s general cultural practices or reflection on paranormal phenomenon.

    They had no awareness of common european practices such as Wiccan”…!! And blew the name/[wiccan/wise women] geomancy practice off like it is a joke, and a non-interesting joke at that!!

    They had no occult reference and was bored when it was explained to them, the leader.. ‘claims ‘ have always had an interest in the occult… anything out of the ordinary he only had one word…’voodoo…To describe any type of energy practice.

    He does not have a clue of the history of the occult..go to the library and .. read a book please!!

    The Asian medium did have more knowledge, of LIGHTWORKERS or several traditional cultural intervention or spirit energy techniques..!!

    They had a lot of machine , but none were based on any or what types of magical/healing system:

    What is your system: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Angel-Enoch, Sacred geometry ,new age -gem,crystal,candle -ancestor . enneagram , gate-philosopy: Hoodoo, Lukumbi, Condumble, Santeria, Ifa, Kabbala, Hindi, indigenious 1st Nation America, Temple Oro, theosophical, Sufi, Golden Dawn, Asian -divintion ?? Who? What??

    Not real is any sense, not even in Black folklore legacy, ask any old church lady or auntie for advice !!!

    These people had no occult/spiritual framework to their approach… !!!

    Actually that is smart cause devotees don’t take kindly to being spiritually mocked

    But it was funny, watching them play at ghost busters!! Got jokes!! Oh yes! Anything else!? Heck no!!!

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