Vacationers Capture Ghostly Apparition Emerging From Ocean

Spirits of the Deep: Vacationers Capture Ghostly Apparition Emerging From The Ocean


Since the beginning of recorded history, people have been reporting run-ins with ghostly apparitions all over the world. Castles, cemeteries, even brand new manufactured homes play host to phantoms, so seems that these spirits aren’t specific about where they can and can’t manifest.

Further proving the fickle nature of ghosts is a strange series of photos snapped during a family get-together in Redington Beach, Florida which show a mysterious figure emerging from the ocean before disappearing into thin air.



The images show a couple posing on the beach for a typical vacation snapshot in front of a beautiful sunset, with a few “practice images” taken in order to make sure the iPhone’s lowlight adjustments were perfect. However, when the couple were flipping through their images later that night, they discovered that something strange had appeared in their photos.

The series of photos, snapped back-to-back over the course of one minute, show the sunset, a dock, the tide coming in and out, and a ghostly figure emerging from the ocean.


Clearly pictured in the center of the first two images is what looks like a humanoid figure rising from the water and walking towards the shore. According to the couple, aside from their family, there was absolutely no one else with them on the beach, let alone a strange man climbing out of the ocean.


After discovering the strange manifestation in the images, the group looked up and down the beach, and found that no one had been present anywhere near where the images were taken.

When the couple returned home, they posted the series of images online asking for help identifying exactly what they managed to capture on film. If they’re telling the truth about an empty beach, they may have photographed one of the eeriest ghostly manifestations we’ve seen.


Strangely enough, the figure also bears a striking resemblance to a Bigfoot in his famous pose, which isn’t that far fetched if you believe the theory that Sasquatch travel underwater in order to avoid leaving behind those pesky footprints researchers love to find and cast. Of course, we already know the truth: Bigfoot is a ghost.

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Another Reason We Call It Flori-Duh !

Any Dagon worshipers in the area?

Creature From The Black Lagoon

Just another person swimming there also enjoying sunset. Why everyone just want to make a ghost story out of it. That is how many unbelievable stories are made. Have a nice day. Maria

I love looking at epicures like this, I’ve even taken a few of my own over the years but one thing that bothers me about these pictures are that the cloud pattern in the foreground has changed considerably between the photo of the couple and the photo of the object in the water, which would signal to me that more than 2 or three minutes would have elapsed.

Interesting! I’m curious what fish are in the area. Many fish are active at dusk and it could well be jumping out of the water. But…it seems very close to shore and I’d imagine large fish may have difficulty jumping that high in such shallow water. I like the mystery!

Poor unfortunate souls.

comment image

This was already done in Creepshow, “If you can hold your breath…”

That’s unsettling

It is a Merman. LOL

Maybe it’s a person that was swimming, snorkling, spear fishing…they came out of the water, put something on the beach (maybe a fish) and then went back into the water. You wouldn’t see them because they went back in. Now if you like swimming in the ocean at dusk with sharks coming in nearby, that’s a different story.

i was at Redington Shores two weeks ago but i did not see any ghosts.