Ghostly Shadow Figure Photographed Inside Abandoned Bunker In Fife, Scotland

Ghostly Shadow Figure Photographed Inside Abandoned Bunker In Fife, Scotland


Something strange is lurking inside abandoned bunkers in Fife, Scotland, and it’s been captured on camera. The photos in question were reportedly taken inside a secret Scottish Bunker somewhere in Fife, and shows what looks an awful lot like the shadow figure of a man standing at the end of a long hallway. Stranger still, the bunker can only be reached via a long, winding hallway that leads visitors down 100 feet under the earth.

The mysterious observer wasn’t the only bizarre photo in group, either. Another picture, snapped inside what looks to be an office, shows a large black mass manifesting directly in front of the camera, only to disappear completely in the next photo.



The pictures were taken by Matthew Pattinson, who claims to have seen no one present when either of the photos were taken, saying it was just he and his friend wandering the entire building. According to Pattinson, the strange activity seems to have followed him home since his visit, resulting in some strange activity manifesting in his own home.


“I only remember taking the first photo,”Pattinson explained to the Evening Telegraph. “It’s like my phone took the other one itself and it even lightened it. You can make out what looks like the sideways view of someone’s head and a nose. I’m getting chills just talking about it.”


Other visitors have experienced feelings of sickness while touring the bunker, which psychics have attributed to a dark entity that spends its time lurking in the hallways of the abandoned complex.

All images via Matthew Pattinson

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