Ghost Hunting Team Set To Perform An "Exorcism" On Infamously Haunted School

Ghost Hunting Team Set To Perform An “Exorcism” On Infamously Haunted School


Look out exorcists, because there’s a ghost hunting team that has their eyes on your job. Ghostech Paranormal Investigations will soon be heading to the infamously haunted Stacklands Retreat House having been tasked with performing an exorcism on the building before it’s officially destroyed.


The former school has long been associated with terrifying tales involving human sacrifices, satanism, and even demonic possessions for well over 80 years. According to the locals, the building is haunted by the spirit of a priest who, legend claims, was sacrificed to Satan. For years, eye witnesses and paranormal investigators have witnessed strange light anomalies and have even captured ghostly recordings of woman’s voice often whispering the words “devil worship”.



No date has officially been set for the demolition of the buildings at Stacklands Retreat House, but Ghostech Paranormal Investigations are slated to conduct both their investigation and “exorcism” in the coming weeks. We’ll keep you posted with any updates.

(Source: Mirror)

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