Spooky Video Captures "Ghost" Creeping Hospital Hallway

Spooky New Video Claims To Have Captured Ghost Creeping Empty Hospital Hallway


It’s been a good month for ghost videos, and the latest clip making the rounds has left a lot of tingled-spines in its wake. Captured inside an active hospital, the video of a phantom figure creeping through a doorway is best viewed with the lights on.

The clip, which was posted to YouTube by user KK MINHAS on May 3, 2016,  is titled “Creepy footage appears to show ghost in a hospital in Honduras!!!” and shows a creeping, spectral figure rumored to be that of a doctor who killed himself inside the hospital.

“Chilling footage from inside a ‘haunted’ hospital in Honduras has emerged showing a ghost-like figure appear from a room down a dimly-lit corridor. In the horrifying clip, the shape moves from behind a door. The video was captured at the School Hospital Universitario in Honduras, where a doctor apparently took their own life. It is claimed the doctor now haunts the corridors and turns the lights on and off in rooms where patients are staying.” – KK MINHAS


I think the old doctor looks more like some kind of extraterrestrial than a conventional ghost, but that’s just me. I also can’t help but shake the whole “uncanny valley” vibe of the figure’s motion, which had be wondering if it’s not just some kind of clever CGI footage that’s been purposefully degraded a few times.

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