Man Shares Recording of Ghostly Voicemail Traced to Funeral Home

Message from the Dead: Man Shares Recording of Creepy Voicemail Traced to Hawaiian Funeral Home

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It’s safe to say that getting a phone call at five o’clock in the morning is never a good thing. Now imagine that call is coming from a funeral home… and you can’t understand the ghostly words being shared. That’s what happened to one man who reviewed his voicemail messages after an early morning ring from a mystery number. Saying he was freaked out would be an understatement… and when you listen to the audio yourself, you’ll understand why.

According to wtfbitcoinwtf, his phone rang at 4:50 a.m. from an unknown number so, like most of us would, he let it go to voicemail. However, once he reviewed the bizarre message several hours later, he knew something much weirder was going on. Not only was the number no longer in service, after a bit of google-fu, he discovered that the mysterious phone message belonged to a funeral home in Hawaii.

Listen to the audio: HERE

If above audio won’t play, here’s a mirror



The message left behind is a strange jumble of static, unidentifiable sounds, and various voices all layered one on top of the other. It’s pretty much impossible to decipher, even for quite a few of the audio experts who tried to lend a hand unscrambling the eerie recording. This, coupled with the fact that the poster claimed to have had a pretty bad bout of sleep paralysis the night before, upped the creep factor big time.

As of yet, there still hasn’t been any real conclusion to the story, in fact, if there’s any audio enthusiasts out there who would like to take a pass, we’d love to hear your results. Find us on Twitter @WeirdHQ, drop us a line on Facebook, or leave your discoveries in the comments below!


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It almost sounds like a report of some kind, like a weather report or some such. You now, like the old timetempweather reports you could get over the phone. Recorded by a person and repeated for a period until conditions changed. If it iswas a governmental program, the number wouldn’t necessarily show up as available, or be able to receive calls from non-allowed locations. It sounded like English both because of cadence and a very few almost discernable words. Having only the compressed mp3 version takes away a lot of the ability to work on it in a studio. I’ll… Read more »

Oh come on, it’s just the result of audio interference. It’s not supernatural. The same reason I was able to hear a neighbor talking on the phone through our home computer is the type of thing that caused this weirdo message. Crossed lines and glitches in electronic equipment.

Yeah, but this isn’t just some random, everyday conversation. It’s extremely creepy. It does sound like something intercepted or transmitted electronically, but it’s very far from ordinary. I don’t think I’d much care to find out exactly what this is. Sometimes it’s better to just leave things alone.

indeed, just some static, a bad landline..whatever! Reminds me of the old bakelite phone we had at home. Technology is a weird thing. One of my friends wanted to print a document one evening on her new printer. The copy never came out of the printer but she did get a message on her PC saying she had to change the ink cartridge on the printer and that was weird… was a new printer with brand new ink cartridges. She went to bed really angry about the whole thing. The next morning her neighbour came over giving her the document… Read more »

It won’t stop playing on my phone! I decided not to listen to the whole thing, but thought just closing the page would make it stop. I was wrong, lol. I had to mute my phone. The recording is spooky. I regret my decisions.

Uhhhmmmmmmmm thanks for constructing my upcoming nightmares

Someone help?

He uploaded it to Mega. I downloaded it to my mac , it’s a safe file

I actually had a personal experience with a phone when I worked at a funeral home.

We’d love to hear about it!

Well I was on call that week, got called one night about midnight to pick someone up at the morgue. My coworker and I then went and picked him up. Brought the person back to the home to get prepped for embalming the next day. When we were finishing up, the phone in the prep room speaker came on and started making a weird noise almost like Morse code. It did it for about 4 minutes then stopped and it just felt weird in there. Few days later at this persons funeral, I found out that he was Morse code… Read more », that’s terribly sad, hopefully, if it was the gentleman trying to pass a message on the only way he knew how….with any luck he’ll find a new way…like through a much loved family members dreams, and then, hopefully he can rest in piece.

For anyone having problems viewing the file, refresh the story – we added a mirror to download the audio file.

It sounds like someone reading, or perhaps chanting, in a monotone. Gave me shivers.

Creep factor 10/10.

I think I hear the term “under mobile surveillance” repeated a few times (four?) in the first half.

It’s worth going to the reddit link that Dana put in this article and reading through the entire thread. Plus there are other tweaked/cleaned up versions that people have posted that are downright unsettling. I’m actually a little worried for this guy now.

I thought it sounded kind of like someone reading off instructions. Such as, instructions for what to do with possessions left behind, like the reading of a will, almost. I couldn’t make out anything, really, but it seemed like the word “house” and “table and blue chairs”. I might just be wanting to hear something, too. It’s an eerie thing all-in-all.

Holy crap! That’s freaky!