For Sale: Ghoulish Grave Yard Grill For Backyard Barbeques

For Sale: Ghoulish Grave Yard Grill For Backyard Barbeques

July 4th less than a month away and folks are already planning their summer shindigs. Sadly, there’s really nothing fortean about Independence Day unless you count that awful alien invasion film. Don’t despair, weirdos! One enterprising person in the Los Angeles area is selling “The Grave Yard Grill”, perfect for frankenfurters and those ‘select’ cuts of meat wrapped in newspaper down in the cellar.


To put your mind at ease this coffin was ordered from Batesville Casket Co. It is a real Solid Copper Casket. It was then shipped to the Movie studio for the movie “Death at A Funeral” with Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and Tracy Morgan. I have the paperwork that goes with it as well. It never had a real body in it so relax! When I first saw it I knew it had BBQ Grill written all over it. Wouldn’t you? And Yes, those lights do work. It has its own 110 electrical system. Don’t they all? I was going to have it plumb it for water and a sink but then I thought “Well, that’s just crazzzy “. This is a one of a kind grill. Large grill surface 20in X 39in. as well as a prep area with a cutting board 4 food storage bins with lids.
It is for someone who thinks. . .shall I say “Differently” and someone who wants to have the first “GRAVE YARD GRILL” on their block!1

There’s good news and bad news. The posting is 20 days old, but the original poster hasn’t taken it off Craigslist yet. With an asking price of $4,500, or best offer, probably means it’s probably still available!


What, or who, is on the menu for your summer barbeques? Join the conversation on our Facebook page, at Twitter, or in the comments below! And thanks to Sarah Troop for sharing this and other morbid gems.


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