NSFV: No Satan For Vancouver!

NSFV: No Satan For Vancouver!

Commuters taking the Grandview Highway near the SkyTrain got a delicious morning treat. An enterprising, anonymous artist took it upon themselves to erect an effigy to celebrate Our Dark Lord.


Hello sailor

The artistic endowment was celebrated on Twitter, arousing controversy, and attracting the attention of Rain City’s public workers. As of this writing, Beelzebub is languishing in a trash heap rather than inspiring puny mortals.


Even the Village People can’t help but admire the handiwork.

All is not lost, for an INTERNET PETITION is making the rounds for this masterpiece to be returned to its rightful place.12

So is it true, you’ve seen one devil’s cock then you’ve seen ’em all? Let your voice be heard on our Facebook page, at Twitter, or in the comments below!



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Chris Savia
Contributor at Week In Weird, in addition to being a member of The Anomalist's crack team of news editors and their social media maven. Chris lives near the Pine Barrens with his wife, six cats, and the Jersey Devil.
Chris Savia
Chris Savia

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Ken Summers

On one hand, it’s a shame they took it down saying it wasn’t a city-sanctioned art installation. I mean, come on, Vancouver… don’t be Puritanical!

On the other hand, it could’ve been done a bit better. It looks a bit too much like an altered store mannequin for my liking as a critic. Lucifer and his minions were supposed to be just as beautiful as the angels, after all.

It looks like an erect penis. If the alleged Satan is about doing the opposite of alleged “God” then the artist should not have posed it to give altarboys flashbacks of what is to await them in their alleged heaven.