Police Raid British Pub Looking for 'Holy Grail'!

Police Raid British Pub Looking for ‘Holy Grail’!

Nanteos Cup
One of the most ridiculous titles you’ll be setting eyes on. But the actual incident may not seem as weird.

Herefordshire’s Crown Inn was swarming with police officers this week as they overtoppled furniture, peeped under floorboards and used fiber-optic cameras to examine the crannies. All to find the mighty, the divine- Holy Grail.

The Nanteous Cup, a medieval wooden bowl, well, not quite a bowl, as half of it has broken off, is a historic relic that has been held in the Nanteos Mansion in Wales for centuries, ever since it was brought to them by monks in the sixteenth century. Myth has surrounded the relic, and it is believed that it can heal anyone who drinks from it. It is one of those most likely candidates for the Holy Grail.

The celebrated curio was stolen a month ago, and the police raided the Inn after receiving a tip-off that it might be located there.


Unfortunately, their searches proved futile, as pub landlady DI Franklyn says:

“We get a few rogues and scallywags in the pub, but no one who’s quite on the level of stealing a priceless ancient artifact.”

Hopefully, the police will soon have a lead. If you have any leads, we’ll be happy to pass ’em along if you share on our Facebook page, at Twitter, or in the comments below!


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The Holy Grail is a metaphor for the royal bloodline of the very real man and politician, Joshua (Jesus to the masses). It’s a metaphorical “cup”