Man Captures Clear Photos of Bigfoot Walking Virginia Riverbank

Southern Sasquatch Snapped: Man Captures Crystal Clear Photos of Bigfoot Walking Virginia Riverbank


Just a handful of days ago, Randy O’Neal’s father got lucky and caught something with a flip phone camera.

Bigfoot photos are, by necessity, blurry. Knowing Randy’s pop took crystal clear photos of something traditionally blurry using an old cell phone strains credulity.

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This isn’t his family’s encounter with a purported sasquatch. A camping trip, 25 years ago, Randy, his father, and a family friend kept spotting glowing red eyes in the dark. Randy raised a fuss, ’til his father called him out for being ‘chickenshit’, ordering him to shoot the damned thing.

Either Randy missed, or the creature could take both barrels from a shotgun, as something let out a blood-curdling howl before barrelling through the woods, then crashing into the water. The next morning, the trio found a wide path had been cleared through the woods by something big.

For Randy, these photos reinforce something weird’s happening in the Old Dominion. His video has the full story, but it’s 4 minutes, has a slow crawl to recount his first encounter, and I recommend hitting the mute button.

Is this an excuse to get subscriptions for his YouTube channel, or could these be legit? We want to hear from you on our Facebook page, at Twitter, or in the comments below!


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Chris Savia
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Chris Savia
Chris Savia

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Who the hell had a camera phone twenty five years ago?

Seems like there’s a lot of bigfoot news these days – whether that’s a sign the big guy’s looking for an increased media presence or that there’s been a fire sale on used gorilla suits is anybody’s guess, though.

Bigfoot hardly ever posts updates on his twitter, so I’m going to guess it’s the latter.

But I’ll let forensics do their work before passing judgement

If you don’t know what it is shoot it. Nice policy there.

Looks to me like some guy struggling with the zipper of that %/&/*/?!! monkey suit.

I’d like to watch the video but if I need the mute button I fear I’ll wander away, having lost interest.

Shoot at something you can’t see.. Brilliant! That’s how a lot of hunting trips go south real quick.

First of all…why americans always shoot first ? Fear?Or just dumbness?Anyway..The images looks like the bigfoot knows that he were recorded.The second one looks like that.But if its real ,i apollogies.