VIDEO: UFOs Over Kazakhstan And Russia

VIDEO: UFOs Over Kazakhstan And Russia

tverHappy UFO Day, WhoForteans! The universe is celebrating the month of Ken Arnold’s seminal sighting by filling Earth’s skies with unidentified aerial phenomenon.

One day before the summer solstice, the fine citizens of Astana, Kazakhstan were treated to a stunning light show.

This swarm appears to be coherent. If this was random chaff, or flares, from a military maneuver, it’d be falling to the ground willy-nilly. Yes, that’s the scientific term. Then again, what would be lighting up the chaff to be visible from the ground? Chinese lanterns? Nope, these bad boys appear to be forming a helix in the night sky. A few points in favor of this video, the videographer isn’t repeating, “святое дерьмо”, the lack of a dubstep track, and 30 seconds of an intro to his YouTube channel work in Мухит А.‘s favor.


Joking aside, the camera pans to the ground and back up again. It’s clear this was taken outside, not through a window. Going by my gut, something was happening last Friday.

Now, 2900 kilometers away in the bustling metropolis of Tver, there’s a similar sighting making the rounds on the YouTubes.

Not as spectacular as Мухит’s footage. With the lights being (relatively) static, and paired, makes me believe these might be lights reflected in double-paned glass. Both of these events happening within hours of each other is intriguing.

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