Poltergeist Activity Filmed Inside Ellacoya County Store [Video]

Poltergeist Activity Filmed Inside Ellacoya County Store [Video]


A recent video clip from the surveillance camera of the Ellacoya Country store clearly shows a glass lid flying across the room on its own! This March 10 video has quickly gone viral all over the web, after being initially posted on YouTube by WMUR-TV

WMUR-TV, which is a leading station covering political and other news from New Hampshire, posted a video on their YouTube channel on March 10th. The video, extracted from the CCTV surveillance of a general store in Gilford, New Hampshire clearly shows a glass lid being mysteriously hurled from the shop counter when the counter is virtually empty.

Employee Heidi Boyd, who was in an adjoining room, rushed in as she heard the lid smash against the floor. “I walked around and looked and I was on the floor. It took several minutes to set in [and it’s] still freaking me out”, she told WMUR-TV.


What do you think? Is this video a genuine proof of poltergeist phenomena, or just a publicity stunt? Let us know on Facebook, at Twitter, or in the comments below!


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