The Parallel Universes Of MH370

The Parallel Universes Of MH370

final_cockpitIn the wake of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, I’ve noticed many people referring to different flight numbers on Twitter. Most common variants are 360, 377, and 307.

The latter two are some manner of dyscalculia where folks who don’t slavishly follow mainstream news, or any news, figure “good enough” is enough, and people will know the topic regardless of transposed numerals. 360? Maybe they’re mixed up by Anderson 360, their elderly XBox 360, and other pop culture topics using the number.

Everyone makes mistakes, human error is part and parcel of the human comedy. Hell, conventional wisdom suggests human, or pilot, error is the cause behind the plane’s disappearance.

Case closed, right?


billnyeWhat if tweets from parallel universes are leaking into our universe?

Shit happens, a tweet from Universe 521 ends up on Earth 1728. Similar events happening across countless timelines except the flight numbers are slightly off. Prancing merrily deeper into the thicket of many worlds, every theory on the plane’s disappearance is true. Every hypothesis, from the mundane, to the maverick, to the outré happened in another world.

When people consider them, they might be drawing upon parallel memories and muddying the waters. An exploding meteorite’s EMP pulse may be the cause for their flight MH370 going down, while sideways in time the application of an experimental strange-matter faraday cage in the luggage compartment activated itself (never say the experimental strange-matter faraday cage turned itself on) might’ve sucked the plane into a portal to somewhere or somewhen. Perhaps it was the Illuminati testing Asia’s resolve regarding national security!

The list goes on, marching ever forward, a procession of the damned, each equally true under their own circumstances.

Just not ours.

It’s hardly crazy to imagine, after all, last January some eggheads (on a lark) scraped Twitter for evidence of time travellers.1 Drs. Robert Nemiroff and Teresa Wilson came up empty, whereas I have meager proof, and a corker of a hypothesis.

Heck, Courtney Love might’ve found the plane.2

Courtney. Love.

courtneyloveStranger things have happened.

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