Alien Ambassadors Visiting The ISS?

Alien Ambassadors Visiting The ISS?

ufo_issMost UFOlogists are old farts, desperate to recapture the zeitgeist of Roswell, Rendlesham, and the Stephenville lights, but they’re not helping serious inquiry by teaching the young’uns about NASA covering up UFOs. It was cute the first twenty times when some clever chap figured out NASA means “Never A Straight Answer”.

With hindsight being 20/20, I can appreciate this apprehension since my graying peers grew up in NASA’s heyday when Operation Paperclip was in full swing, using Nazi knowhow to foist Buzz, Neil, and Mike to the moon. You never trust a Nazi, or people who collaborate with Nazis. Despite Hollywood’s insistence (OMG The Monuments Men comes out this Friday!), World War II is over.

Those former Nazis are pushing up the daisies. NASA’s American collaborators are retired, or joining ihre Freunde as so much compost.

NASA doesn’t even have the budget to produce a summer blockbuster. Maybe, if they’re lucky, one of Woody Allen’s arthouse flicks. They’re holding bake sales so their astronauts don’t end up like George Clooney in Gravity. NASA’s bumming rides off the Russians who can’t get beyond low Earth orbit. It’s a sad state of affairs.


In fact, NASA’s pretty damned transparent nowadays. Jelly doughnut rock appears in front of Opportunity, the story gets plastered all over the world wide web. Raw images are freely available at their website so crowdsourced investigators can argue if that iguana is real or a product of pareidolia. The Solar Dynamics Observatory, trained on the sun, is unfiltered so humans can spot aliens heliobraking around our humble G2V-class star. There’s a live webcam pointed at the International Space Station!

Bringing us to today’s video.

Someone using the handle Streetcap1 has some interesting footage from January 29th with a kayak-shaped object, possibly 10 meters / 32 feet in length near the station. He politely asks “What is this please NASA”

So far, NASA hasn’t spilled the beans.

Note back in 2012, back on January 23rd, there was another hubbub about an alien craft being spotted near the ISS. Even if you don’t squint, it resembles the object in the video.


Image from UFO Sightings Daily, used without permission.

If NASA had something to hide, they’d certainly do a better job than this. Then again, covering up something big, like first contact, is probably beyond their current budgetary means. It’d be a helluva lot better than alleged spacecraft operator Clark McClelland’s crazy yarns.

If aliens were meeting aboard the ISS, Earth would’ve heard about it already. A positive windfall for the American space program from publicizing such a revelation. Reddit would be choked with nutty memes of “Culturally Inept Alien Ambassador”, and debate if an alien m’lady would friendzone them.

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