Okinawan Objects Light Up The Night [VIDEO]

Okinawan Objects Light Up The Night [VIDEO]

japanese_ufo_headerLast Thursday, around 9 p.m., some lucky ducks caught spellbinding footage of lights over the city of Naha.

The director of the Ishigaki Island Observatory, Miyaji Takeshi says (paraphrasing the translation) “I don’t think the lights are an astronomical phenomenon, as the lights stay in one place.”

Japan’s Self-Defense force told the Okinawa Times they have not heard of any witness reports, nor have any information about the event on the 23rd. They noted training and maneuvers are wrapped by no later than 7:20 at night. The Japanese article does not mention the lights being caught on radar, nor planes being scrambled to investigate.

Anyway, see for yourself.


Modern UFO sightings have jaded me. Most times the static images are reflections of lights, the photographer using forced perspective, among other fakery over the years. With the rise of Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, the faint signal of the truth is being drowned out by attention whores across the internet.

Scrutinizing the footage as laity, we’re not looking at the business end of a jet engine, much like Joe Rodriguez’s stakeout video1. For a moment I thought I was looking at a plane banking, its lights becoming more visible while performing its turn, but the later arrangement of these lights appears to contradict that supposition.

Being skeptical, this might be very clever use of video editing software. A search of Google’s Japanese site hasn’t returned any other sightings in the area.

Without corroboration by other witnesses, radar reports over Naha, or other evidence, I’m curbing my enthusiasm. What’s your take? Tell us at Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.


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