Sorcerous Superman Or Sicko?

Sorcerous Superman Or Sicko?

foetuslad and boneboy

Not Comics Code Approved

When I was a kid and wanted to fly, I’d tie a bedsheet to my shirt, jump off a roof, then break a leg.

Shit’s a whole lot stranger in the third world. Take Resi Rokhis Suhana on the isle of Java, hoping to become the newest member of The Avengers. In his quest to be the Ultimate Magical Knight, he had a pair of panties, perfume, burial shrouds, some verses from the Quran, and a sickle in his possession when the cops came calling. Bringing all of this together was the active ingredient of the bones of twin fetuses.

Keep in mind Resi’s a good guy, the babies were already dead. Just waiting to be used for Truth, Justice, and the Indonesian way.

Mr. Suhana’s cooling his heels, pleading insanity, and counting his blessings. Earlier this year, the predominantly Muslim nation attempted to revise its legal code to include black magic as a crime but didn’t pass.



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