Final Destination: Pilot's Experience Has Physical Proof of NDEs?

Final Destination: Pilot’s Experience Has Physical Proof of NDEs?

I’m in the midst of Greg Taylor’s Stop Worrying! There Probably Is An Afterlife, a great read, and did some of my own original research on the phenomenon of near death experiences. The jury’s still out, arguing if NDEs are about quantum physics, white-light fluffy-bunny, crystal crap, a final flash of neurons, among many other theories. While they bicker, folks like us have the luxury of reviewing experiences from those who glimpsed the other side.

dhc2beaverOne of the most recent accounts to hit the web is from Jeffrey S., a former pilot of the Canadian air service. As the plane’s captain, he had to perform 5 take offs and landings in his DHC-2 Dehavilland Beaver before picking up passengers for a flight. The engine gave out after the first take off, unresponsive to any attempts to fire it back up. As the floaters started to graze the treetops, Jeff prepped for a crash landing, and death. Overcome with an eerie calm, he blacked out.

Upon impact, he suffered twenty two broken bones among other severe injuries. Knowing the risk of fire after a crash, it was imperative that Jeff get to safety. Bleeding profusely, he grabbed a nearby roll of paper towels before crawling towards the treeline. All the while, he was wiping blood from his eyes, leaving a gory trail behind him. Let’s hear from the man himself.

When I sat down, I looked to the aircraft now about 50 feet away from me. The cockpit windows were level with the ground so I could see into the cockpit when I sat down. To my almost horror, I saw the captains seat upside down and an arm and leg dangling from it! I knew at that moment I was looking at myself.


I then looked around and saw a beautiful blue sky like none id ever witnessed before. There was not a single sound, not a bird, not even a whisper of wind. I was quickly very comfortable and felt very safe there. I then looked back into the cockpit to confirm what I saw, and sure enough I was still hanging there upside down in my seat. At that exact moment, I uttered the words “fuck, I’m dead”…and I instantly went out at that moment.

Upon waking in a hospital four days later, Jeff  related his extraordinary tale of survival to a pair of incredulous Transport Canada Inspectors. Jeff’s tale didn’t match that of his rescuer. According to the official report from the first responder, Jeff was still hanging upside down in the cockpit. Outside the plane 54 bloody paper towels were found strewn around the wreck.

Creepy stuff, indeed. Where did they come from? If you have a clue, tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments.


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