Final Destination: Pilot's Experience Has Physical Proof of NDEs?

Final Destination: Pilot’s Experience Has Physical Proof of NDEs?

I’m in the midst of Greg Taylor’s Stop Worrying! There Probably Is An Afterlife, a great read, and did some of my own original research on the phenomenon of near death experiences. The jury’s still out, arguing if NDEs are about quantum physics, white-light fluffy-bunny, crystal crap, a final flash of neurons, among many other theories. While they bicker, folks like us have the luxury of reviewing experiences from those who glimpsed the other side.

dhc2beaverOne of the most recent accounts to hit the web is from Jeffrey S., a former pilot of the Canadian air service. As the plane’s captain, he had to perform 5 take offs and landings in his DHC-2 Dehavilland Beaver before picking up passengers for a flight. The engine gave out after the first take off, unresponsive to any attempts to fire it back up. As the floaters started to graze the treetops, Jeff prepped for a crash landing, and death. Overcome with an eerie calm, he blacked out.

Upon impact, he suffered twenty two broken bones among other severe injuries. Knowing the risk of fire after a crash, it was imperative that Jeff get to safety. Bleeding profusely, he grabbed a nearby roll of paper towels before crawling towards the treeline. All the while, he was wiping blood from his eyes, leaving a gory trail behind him. Let’s hear from the man himself.

When I sat down, I looked to the aircraft now about 50 feet away from me. The cockpit windows were level with the ground so I could see into the cockpit when I sat down. To my almost horror, I saw the captains seat upside down and an arm and leg dangling from it! I knew at that moment I was looking at myself.


I then looked around and saw a beautiful blue sky like none id ever witnessed before. There was not a single sound, not a bird, not even a whisper of wind. I was quickly very comfortable and felt very safe there. I then looked back into the cockpit to confirm what I saw, and sure enough I was still hanging there upside down in my seat. At that exact moment, I uttered the words “fuck, I’m dead”…and I instantly went out at that moment.

Upon waking in a hospital four days later, Jeff  related his extraordinary tale of survival to a pair of incredulous Transport Canada Inspectors. Jeff’s tale didn’t match that of his rescuer. According to the official report from the first responder, Jeff was still hanging upside down in the cockpit. Outside the plane 54 bloody paper towels were found strewn around the wreck.

Creepy stuff, indeed. Where did they come from? If you have a clue, tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments.


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  1. Human

    12/11/2013 at 1:24 PM

    If Everett was onto something maybe the event was powerful enough to bridge two possible outcomes of the crash – he was both men. One who was conscious after the crash and one that was not. Maybe that perfect blue sky was a universe with zero potential beyond that point and it collapsed pushing him back.

    Maybe not. Who knows.

    • jack

      12/11/2013 at 6:00 PM

      two worlds theory….. well done Human…

  2. James Ravazzolo

    12/11/2013 at 6:50 PM

    that goes way beyond what many skeptics have requested: some visual remembrance of anything the person could not have otherwise seen (I recall one hospital allowed very noticeable signs or insignia to be put in high spots in emergency rooms). In this case the ‘soul’ managed to grab paper towels?? Were the towels ‘strewn’ around randomly or formed a trail? Details are important for believability.

    • Pole

      04/12/2014 at 9:44 PM

      Interesting that they would do that. I remember a story from years ago in the uk where a guy had floated out of his body as they worked on him after he had supposedly died. He described various things that he should not have been able to see, including the fact that there was an old workmans boot on the flat roof, two stories or so above the room he was in at the hospital. One of the doctors who was curious about his story gained permission to access the roof and found the boot that the patient had described to them.

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  6. Frater Auxilior Arti

    12/13/2013 at 1:19 PM

    After discussing this with a few other people, I’m compelled to remind that a report is not evidence, and 2 reports are just 2 opinions about an event that will never match exactly, due to the nature of human perception. That said, let’s assume that the report is true and as accurate as it seems to be.

    My take would then be that when the pilot was hovering near death, a separation took place between his body and his soul (and I am simplifying this so as not to have to refresh the reader’s memory on the basics of my qabbalistic world view), and it was his soul that made the journey out of the plane, still laboring under the delusion that it was ensconced in its familiar body. A soul at loose in the world of matter may very well have powers over it that are beyond our reckoning. To support the notion that he had grabbed a roll of paper towels, these paper towels and those that he used, they may very well have been brought into being by the process usually referred to as “apportation”. It would be very interesting to chemically assay the blood, the paper, etc. to look for clues that this might be the case. Too, I’d like to hear more from the first responder, particularly whether or not there was indeed a trail of gore 50′ long.

    As for the appearance of the world under this circumstance, all I can say is that the world looks very different when one is out of one’s body for whatever reason–just ask the folks over at the Monroe Institute, who’ve been collecting data on this for year.

    my $0.02

  7. alanborky

    12/13/2013 at 9:35 PM

    Chris I do’n’o’ if I’ve mentioned this on here before but I’ve been electrocuted quite a few times in me life an when I was about seven an me Dad was wirin’ our house on the cheap by runnin’ the wires from the light fixture along the outer wall Somethin’ told me t’go an’ find this huge antique darnin’ needle an’ stick it in the wire at which point I was blown completely ‘cross the room in a sort of huge ascending/descending arc durin’ seemingly becomin’ split in two one kid terrified out its wits the other absolutely ecstatic at the terrific wheeze it seemed t’be undergoin’.

    Since then I’ve had a number o’ experiences where I seemed to be both multiple versions o’ me self [me records eight of ’em in sight o’ each other] an’ in multiple diff’rent locations so I person’ly know such experiences’re real I merely question what the implications of such experiences are or how they’re induced or produced.

    Person’ly I’ve no problem with the bloody paper towels so Human’s take seems pretty plausible t’me.

    But it does also sometimes seem t’be the case when one’s split in two there’s a kind o’ oscillation/back’n’forth thing goin’ on where one version seems more solid feels more you than the version you’re lookin’ at until you suddenly find y’self spontaneously switchin’/leapin’ across at which point that version momentarily seems more solid feels more you an’ I suspect Jeff may’ve done far more switchin’ back an’ forth between the diff’rent versions of ‘imself than he realises or remembers an’ maybe that oscillation effect was sufficient to allow his out-the-body version to have enough solidity t’pull off the bloody tissues trick.

    His experience might also be covered by the fact some traumatised spirits until they become more fully convinced they’re dead still seem capable o’ pullin’ off physical world feats.

    Put it this way me mate’s dead mother managed t’whallop me so soundly round the ‘ead I was actu’ly sent flyin’ ‘cross the room.

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