Sasquatch Footprint Discovered Near Washington's Mt. Rainier

Sasquatch Footprint Discovered Near Washington’s Mt. Rainier


If the thermal image wasn’t enough to convince you that Sasquatch is roaming Washington, have a look at this impressive foot print photographed on Mount Rainier this past Sunday morning. The  find was made by Bigfoot enthusiast Jeff Stillman, who described the footprint as 15 to 16 inches long and 7 inches wide, with 5 clearly visible toe indentations.

The fresh impressions were discovered just below the tree line in an area that is known for it’s numerous Bigfoot sightings, and Stillman says that this was not his first run-in with the creature as this specific location.

“We camp and hike very often,” he told Frontiers Of Zoology, “…and since those sightings we’ve been paralleled on trails. Had pinecones thrown at us horizontally from outside of our campfire light. Heard many tree knocks with replies and heard whoops on one occasion. Puyallup is far too populated these days so we head to the Cascade Mountains.”


No other images of the footprints have been released, though Stillman says he will be back to the location again to continue his search for the creature. We’ll keep you posted.

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