UFOs, Drones, And Snooki, Oh My! Unidentified Craft Over Jersey Causes a Scare

UFOs, Drones, And Snooki, Oh My! Unidentified Craft Over Jersey Causes a Scare


One of the most ironic things about being a fortean is missing out on witnessing the weird in your own backyard. The Jersey shore is best known for little orange people with short statures and even shorter tempers, not little green men. Last Monday, I was in bed rather than cruising Route 37 for the finest in the shore’s haute cuisine. A pair of lucky kids, after all who else goes to Taco Bell that late at night, saw something and were savvy enough to share their experience at MUFON’s website.

Myself and my cousin were driving back home from Taco Bell on Route 37 when we saw two unidentified flying objects in the the sky. They looked like two huge black triangles with lights around the perimeter. At first from a distance we thought they were helicopters because they were just hovering in place without moving but as we got closer we noticed that there was no sound. They were situated off of Lakehurst Road over the neighborhood across the street from the Miracle Bar. There was no forward or backward movement and they seemed to be motionless hovering in the air. We continued down Lakehurst Road and lost sight of them once we turned down the road I live on. Both of us were completely sober at the time and had always remained skeptical of UFOs until tonight. Did anyone else see what we saw? If so please post about it so we know we are not insane.

Now that’s some wild and crazy stuff. Their account reminded me of my own sighting almost two years ago.


While driving home on Tuesday night on Route 70 West heading towards Chambers Bridge Road / CR 549 where I saw four lights in the distance. Three white in a narrow, upside-down triangle and a red/blue blinking light at its ‘apex’. I dismissed it upon the first sighting believing it was a C-130 plane turning in the air to land at Fort Dix. After waiting in traffic I looked ahead again finding the lights hadn’t really moved since I last saw them. I kept looking at it hoping to see it move across the sky but it was hovering there or moving very slowly side to side. There wasn’t enough light along the western horizon so I wasn’t able to discern an outline of the object. This report is being submitting after attending a local astronomy meeting tonight. A member mentioned seeing the object on the same date around the same time as she drove along Route 9 in Lakewood. She joked about it being a UFO but said it might’ve been a blimp.

The overwhelming opinion at Toms River Online’s Facebook page is “probably drones”, mixed with typical dismissive snark. Unsurprising, and I agree, that a drone could be the culprit with my own sighting. Both Route 37 and Route 70 face the general direction of the military bases in Lakehurst. Over at Wired is a story about the military testing drone blimps in Lakehurst for deployment over Afghanistan. It’s no stretch of the imagination that the folks at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and/or the Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst are upping the ante in their UAV capabilities with something resembling the captured craft from the Iran–U.S. RQ-170 incident. Considering the US government’s current track record on privacy, and playing fair with the Constitution, it’s surprising more people aren’t fervently wishing these sightings are aliens rather than a clear, and present danger.

Is this what the guys saw at Taco Bell?

Is this what the guys saw at Taco Bell?


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