Paranormal Poetry: "The Fort is Strong With This One"

Reader Mail: The Fort is Strong With This One


We get a lot of awesome reader mail here at the Weird HQ, from homegrown tales of supernatural meddling to photos of mysterious creatures, but the latest piece is a first for us – poetry about the godfather of weird himself, Charles Fort.

This piece of paranormal poetry was sent in by Skyler G., who told us that when tasked with a project for his high school creative writing class, the choice of topic was an easy one. In his poem titled “The Fort is Strong With This One”, Skyler urges his fortean brothers and sisters to take a chill pill, because whether they’re chasing monsters for pleasure or sport, we’re all in it for the story. I couldn’t agree more.

The Fort Is Strong with This One

My Fortean thoughts are a family
I SUPPORT everyone the same
Though I don’t believe in them all
They never earn my shame
The aliens are grandpa
Obsessed with AUTOMATION
Sasquatch is the grandma
She’s been all around our nation
Mother is held CAPTIVE
Her name is time itself
The key to unlocking her
Forever on a shelf
We will never reach it
Father will not let us
He is every institution
That hides and tries to vet us
He resides in loch ness
Most think he’s psychotic
But I think he’s the best
He lives a life so simple
Easier to explain than most
Unlike aunty time travel
And especially aunty ghost
The siblings are just like me
Brothers and sisters of the Fort
Some of us INSCRIBE the weird
Some just in it for the sport
Be tolerant of the strange
After all life is short
There’s nothing like a crazy story
When you need some support


What a great reminder to not take this big weird world so seriously, huh? Huge thanks to Skyler G. for sending his poem in so we could all enjoy it.

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