Giant, Cigar-Shaped "Mothership" Filmed Releasing UFOs Over Mexico City

Giant, Cigar-Shaped “Mothership” Filmed Releasing UFOs Over Mexico City


A Mexican woman with her eye on the sky managed to capture a particularly interesting UFO on video last month, a video that many viewers believe shows individual crafts releasing from a “mothership”.

The seven minute long clip was posted on June 3rd 2013, and appears to show a metallic, cigar shaped UFO gleaming in the sun over Mexico City. After a few moments, several smaller orbs are seen seemingly releasing from the bottom of the object and going their own separate way.

Several skeptics point out that the “ship” looks like it could possibly be some kind of stratospheric weather balloon, but that didn’t stop true believers from pointing out that the comparison didn’t quite match up. After all, at that height, a weather balloon wouldn’t look nearly that large.


While the language spoken in the footage is Spanish, a rough translation hears the woman begin the clip stating the that the date is May 31st and her location, discusses why she isn’t using her tripod (she forgot the connecting piece), mentions that the object couldn’t possible be an airplane (which is when she zooms out to demonstrate a passing plane), asks “what is that?” a few times, and eventually ends the video by saying she is about to lose sight of the object because of the clouds.

Check the full video out below:

So, what do you make of the weird footage? Was a Mexican Mothership captured on video? Or was it something else?

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Certainly not the 1st UFO video from Mexico city that I’ve seen showing a larger object releasing smaller ones.

Too bad the girl never mentioned where exactly in the city she was filming from. But her attitude leaves me to believe she was genuinely trying to record something anomalous. The fact that she used the term EBANI indicates she’s well versed in UFO lore.

Dana I suspect someone’s yoinked the video at source because all I’ve got’s a big empty space.

She has a tripod right there and we still get shaky-cam? Regardless, it’s interesting, though it sounds like some kind of festivities were occurring in the background, so that may have something to do with it. Still, decent footage with no apparent explanation.

Are they sure its not something burning up in the atmosphere?

It’s a UFO. What else could it be?

Looks like a weather balloon that is dropping its weather telemetry payload. These balloons are not completely filled and form an elongated shape with a bulge at the upper end, and are often made of mylar or other highly reflective materials. Notice how the shape on the video is slightly curved to the right, indicating warping by winds. When they reach a certain altitude, these balloons automatically jettison their equipment via a small parachute, and the equipment is retrieved while the balloon goes on its way to oblivion.

It’s a UFO. You don’t know what it is. I don’t know what it is. The lady taking the picture doesn’t know what it is. All the guesses in the world are just that – people who don’t know what it is. Come on. A UFO is a UFO is a UFO. You forgot to include the possibility that it is God’s phallus. How many guesses can we have from people who don’t know anything? Infinite. My guess is a UFO with little UFO’s coming out of it.


[…] Giant, Cigar-Shaped “Mothership” Filmed Releasing UFOs Over Mexico City Who Forted […]


[…] Giant, Cigar-Shaped “Mothership” Filmed Releasing UFOs Over Mexico City Who Forted […]

There is some kind of party going on in the background, and this makes me put my money on some balloons. Think about it. A balloon vender let his big column of white balloons go at the end of the festival, and some of the balloons are becoming untied. That seems to be the best explanation to me.

I still think it’s a zebra.

I don’t think that’s a “mothership”, because it doesn’t seem to have a body that light is reflecting from; and I seriously doubt it’s something burning in the atmosphere, because it doesn’t appear to be moving.

I think the best guess would be that it’s actually portal, and we’re seeing small craft/objects come out of it… The “body” is probably light and energy emanating from the aperture.

There is nothing “metallic” about this long object, so it is hardly a “mothership”. Most probably some kind of unknown paranormal aerial phemomenon.