Giant, Cigar-Shaped "Mothership" Filmed Releasing UFOs Over Mexico City

Giant, Cigar-Shaped “Mothership” Filmed Releasing UFOs Over Mexico City


A Mexican woman with her eye on the sky managed to capture a particularly interesting UFO on video last month, a video that many viewers believe shows individual crafts releasing from a “mothership”.

The seven minute long clip was posted on June 3rd 2013, and appears to show a metallic, cigar shaped UFO gleaming in the sun over Mexico City. After a few moments, several smaller orbs are seen seemingly releasing from the bottom of the object and going their own separate way.

Several skeptics point out that the “ship” looks like it could possibly be some kind of stratospheric weather balloon, but that didn’t stop true believers from pointing out that the comparison didn’t quite match up. After all, at that height, a weather balloon wouldn’t look nearly that large.


While the language spoken in the footage is Spanish, a rough translation hears the woman begin the clip stating the that the date is May 31st and her location, discusses why she isn’t using her tripod (she forgot the connecting piece), mentions that the object couldn’t possible be an airplane (which is when she zooms out to demonstrate a passing plane), asks “what is that?” a few times, and eventually ends the video by saying she is about to lose sight of the object because of the clouds.

Check the full video out below:

So, what do you make of the weird footage? Was a Mexican Mothership captured on video? Or was it something else?

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