Body of Staked "Vampire" Returns to Home in Bulgaria

Body of Staked “Vampire” Returns to Home in Bulgaria


The Bulgarian Vampire has returned to its home town of Sozopol this week.

The body of the unknown male was discovered by archeologists last year with an iron spike driven through its heart. Scientists determined the body had been stabbed multiple times and remained buried in the ground for over 700 years.

Though this custom might seem a bit out of the ordinary these days, the act of stabbing a corpse multiple times in order to prevent reanimation was common practice during the time in which the Sozopol vampire was put in the ground. It was so common, in fact, that there are hundreds of similarly reported burials all over Bulgaria.


This particular “vampire” is interesting because some anthropologists believe him to be the legendary pirate known as Krivich, or The Crooked, known for being crippled but incredibly intelligent.

“He should stop resting in Sofia and should go to the Black Sea coast to make money,”  joked the National History Museum’s Bozhidar Dimitrov a year ago.

The vampire did just that. The impaled body has spent the last year on tour and saw itself as part of a popular National Geographic documentary last year.

For now the body will be held at a newly renovated museum in it’s hometown with the hopes of attracting curiosity seekers and interested visitors to the area to catch a peek at the impaled body.


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