English Pub Captures Eerie Video of "Glowing Ghost" on Security Camera

English Pub Captures Eerie Video of “Glowing Ghost” on Security Camera


Something has spooked employees and patrons alike at the Talisman pub in Wolverhampton, England, and the landlord says he’s captured the luminous phantom on camera.

62 year old landlord Peter Thacker believes that the glowing green fog he’s captured on the pub security system is not only a ghost, he believes it’s the disembodied spirit of a man who died while drinking right next to him in the same pub some 30 years prior.

While the building has had a long history of ghostly rumors, the staff never had any proof to back up their stories of bumps in the night, at least until now.


“The girls had locked up and the place was in darkness,” Thacker told The Birmingham Mail.

“They were unaware of the strange light until they looked at the CCTV. They were shocked, I can tell you. It’s very, very strange – you can see it dancing on the table. When you think about it, it does make your hair stand on end.”

When the strange mist first appeared on the camera, staff simply passed it off as some smoke, until it began to behave strangely, almost intelligently. Oh yeah, and there’s that whole glowing in the dark thing too.

“It’s baffled us. If anyone has a logical explanation we’d love to hear it,” one employee said.

As of now, Peter Hacker hasn’t heard a satisfying answer to the odd anomaly, and is considering calling in some paranormal professionals to the property. Until then, the close encounter with restless spirits has given regulars of the Talisman Pub plenty to chat about as they knock ’em back, after all, a shot of whisky is the perfect thing to cure the shivers.

What do you think the staff at the Talisman captured on camera? Is there a reasonable explanation for the weird glowing fog, or does the building house a different brand of spirits? Watch the footage below and share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page, tweet us @WhoForted, or leave a message in the comments!


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Greg Newkirk

Greg Newkirk

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Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk

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Ugh, why is this a video of a video. SEND US THE ORIGINAL FILE. AAAAAGH.

The other day me daughter showed me how to screen capture our old spooky address up the road just before they knock it down.

But I still can’t work out how she basta’din’ did it.

I can write and mix dance music on the fly using guitars keyboards and all kinds of software but stand me in front of a Tesco’s self serve machine and me brain freezes.

These people’re prob’ly the same.

Steve Parkes @steve_parkes
I thought for a second one of the voices captured was me. The accent and even the missed R’s are almost perfect 🙂 That part of the city would have been farm land fairly recently (although the area has had occupation since the bronze age it wasn’t until the 20’s that modern housing was built on that area to house workers for the Goodyear factory) and the pub is a fairly modern estate pub. I’ve never been in but I have driven past frequently. In fact in the last 10 years I haven’t been to a single funeral that didn’t… Read more »

looked like light reflecting off of water inside of something shiny or something shiny reflecting light. depending on the where the light is or if it’s water it could appear to move like that. my mom has shiny gift paper on the door. the sun light hits it, it creates a big splash of reflected light that could look like something moving. just my first thought. not really sure I’m seeing what I think they’re talking about.

That’s exactly what i was thinking looking at this.

If I had an accent like those I’d top meself and there’d be a whole other load of ghosts in that pub. Hideous.

Formica tables and bartop? Ugh! The spirit is just pissed at the awful decor! 😀

I know a haunted pub that is so full of ghosts you can’t get to the bar for spirits.

Did someone leave a coffee pot on and that is the steam passing through a light source closer to the ceiling? I cannot tell if that is a coffee pot behind the bar or not.