Big Hairy Deal: Police Called In to Investigate Bigfoot Tracks in Pennsylvania

Big Hairy Deal: Police Called In to Investigate Bigfoot Tracks in Pennsylvania


On May 14th John Winesickle, a Paint township, Pennsylvania man, called police regarding a set of strange footprints in the wooded area a few miles from his home. He believes the prints belong to none other than Bigfoot.

When officers arrived Winesickle took them to the location of the footprints, unfortunately they weren’t so convinced that the tracks belonged to the infamous monster. The official police report claims that the footprints were that of a bear.

Winesickle is still not convinced though, and took to the local media to get his story out to the public.


“A bear can’t go down a steep bank on all twos. This is Bigfoot,” he told WTAJ News.

John Winesickle thinks Bigfoot has been visiting his property in central PA

John Winesickle thinks Bigfoot has been visiting his property

Winesickle, who has believed in Bigfoot his entire life, claims to have more proof then just a photo.. he says he’s even heard Sasquatch howling from the woods.

“The voice is so deep. I’ve heard bass singers on television and they can’t even come close to the bass sound it made to me.”

When asked if he had actually seen Bigfoot with his own two eyes, he told local news that he had spotted the creature but only for a moment before it darted away back into the woods.

“It’s deathly afraid. It won’t hurt you.”

Though local police are sticking with their original deduction that Winesickle’s tracks were simp,y placed there by a bear, it hasn’t shaken Winesickle’s opinion that they belong to the big furry guy himself.

You can watch a video of WTAJ’s full report here, and let us know what you think made the tracks by visiting us on Facebook, tweeting us @WhoForted, or leaving a comment below.


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  1. alanborky

    05/25/2013 at 3:31 PM

    I hope someone’s made a decent cast of these prints.

    At one point thanks to Ray Wallace I’d’ve said what’s the point but thanks to Loren Coleman’s latest proposals this area of Bigfoot research may finally have the chance of making its mark.


    It may be something to bear in mind for future Bigfoot print casters but only this morning I was reading the spaces between toes and under toenails plus the heels of humans can have upto 100 different funguses.

    Surely something similar must be applicable to Bigfoot in which case mightn’t it be a good idea to investigate swab kits as a potential source of data collection?

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