Inner Space: Chilling Out and Solving Problems With Subconscious Meditation

Inner Space: Chilling Out and Solving Problems With Subconscious Meditation


Do you ever find yourself frazzled, stressed, and worn down by the trials and tribulations of everyday life? Do you feel like certain people, places, and things are sucking all the good energy out of you, leaving you feeling like a husk of negative vibes? Wish you had a safe place to escape, diffuse, and mentally prepare for your day?

Meditation might be just the answer you’re looking for.

Meditation. The Final Mental Frontier.

When we think of meditation we think of a quiet relaxed room where you can let go, where you can think. While that might be hard for some of us to image doing, I can tell you that you can achieve that in your own mind, anywhere, subconsciously. I do it constantly at work, the perfect place for subconscious meditation, and I’m going to attempt to get you trained on how to do it as well.


This mental space will allow you to contemplate things while you and your consciousness focus on daily life. This is a space within your subconscious where you can grow and learn, to make and heal. This is a space where you can be you, for it is of you and for you at the same time.

Your mental meditation room can not only act as a place of solace to escape and re-adjust, but if you’re so inclined, this room can also act as a room for prepping majick spells or even casting them, a good bonus for for those of us who like to dabble, but completely optional.

Right Frame of Mind

To start this exercise you’re going to need a quiet room and time. I want you to make yourself comfortable without the fear of nodding off. The most important thing is to let things flow, let the images in your mind come to you. Do not force them, nor shut them down.

Now, the first part of our exercise is to calm your mind and body. A simple way that I’ve found to do it is this: Imagine a ball of light, starting at your feet, traveling upwards, releasing your tensions and relaxing you. As it reaches your neck and head, you should be well on the way to opening your mind. Now, imagine the ball leaving your skull.

Do you still have random thoughts, images, or things floating in your head? If so, I want you to imagine the thoughts as a snow storm, but that snow storm is starting to condense into a ball, and the space of that storm slowly shrinking and the snowball solidifes. When you have the storm the size of a baseball, I want you to throw it. In your mind’s eye throw it as far as you can. Because it’s your mind, you can throw it to eternity if you need to. This alone is a great relaxation method that I love.

The Safe Place

Now, imagine a place, a safe place.

My safe place is my safe place, and I have warded it from unauthorized entry. I don’t want to describe  it to you because it may color your safe places’ design.

Now, this safe place is one that brings you renewed energy and vitality that normal meditation doesn’t. This is somewhere you love to be, or would love to be. It is something that makes your soul feel at peace. Your safe haven in a time of stresses. In this safe place I want you to imagine a pyre burning bright. It could be a tall thin one, a fat blob of fire, anything. That pyre is your emotional and mental energy. It’s also a renewal source for you, but there is something else I want you to do before we go into that.

Filling the Safe Space

Imagine a thing that can go through your safe place, no matter how big or small, and gather energy for you. This avatar can be anything, but it has to be yours. Something that you cherish.

Now, once it’s moving about collecting spare energy for you, imagine it feeding that energy to the pyre. This pyre will grow in intensity, but there is nothing that will catch fire here. Fully imagine your safe place. Add things that give it that personal touch, but don’t overdo it. Too much clutter and your mind will focus on the small things and not the entire space.

Once the image is there we’re ready for the next step.

Don’t Lose It!

I want you to “lock” your room into place. In your mind, imagine it freezing, like a photograph. That image needs to stay in your mind for the next few minutes. If what I am about to describe doesn’t work, keep trying the following steps until it does.

I want you to open your eyes, look around, and see the room you’re in. Now, get back into the relaxed state with the method outlined above, and go to your space. In your space, I want you to stand in front of the pyre. Imagine a link forming between you and it, connecting to your mind, heart, and soul. That pyre will be there for you when you need a push to move on, to keep going.

Now, come out of the relaxed state again.

When you have come out of the state, I want you to see your safe space in your mind’s eye. If you can see it as if you were still in the relaxed state, the last few steps have worked. It will take time and practice to be able to go to your safe zone anytime, without the need for meditative practices. It will take time. Don’t force yourself to learn this over the course of a week, take as long as you need.

Making Time for Meditation

If you are busy and frustrated, perhaps too frustrated to actually sit down and begin meditating, I want you to take a couple of minutes to focus on your safe space while you work. Once you can see it in your mind, I want you to look at it from a third person perspective.

Imagine seeing yourself  there, and you are watching yourself begin the relaxation technique that I’ve taught you. As you begin these techniques in your head, let yourself continue to go about your day. As the day progresses and the more you practice this step, you will feel the meditation take hold and you’ll be doing it without having to properly sit down and meditate to recharge!

Now, to stop it, imagine yourself leaving the space, closing the door behind you, and the meditation will stop until you do it again.

More Energy Minus the Chemicals

Imagine your space, the pyre, and the energy collector. That link you created between you and the pyre is always connected to you even if you are not mentally in your safe spot. You can draw from it at anytime, anywhere. Imagine the link passing between you and the pyre. It’s feeding you energy, and after you take a few minutes to feel it entering you, calming and refreshing you. The collector is gathering more, and feeding it to the pyre which feeds you. It’s a path passing on the energy to you. Once you see the link in your mind, it will feed you. To turn it off, imagine the link dissolving or lessening.

Solving a Problem Without Thinking About It

Once again, bring up your safe space in your mind, or if you need to you can follow the relaxation steps to get there. Once you get there, fully explain to yourself what the problem at hand is. It could be anything from a relationship issue, to a logistic problem. Once you have fully outlined what the problem is, leave the space. Don’t focus on your safe space other than to check up on yourself, not the problem. The answer will come to you naturally as the day or week progresses. Don’t force an answer from yourself in this room because it needs time to work.

Protection Spell (Optional)

Go about your life, go to work, do your grocery shopping, whatever your daily life necessitates. When you are at a calm point in the next twelve hours or so, sit down and do the relaxation technique. Go to your safe place, and I want you to setup a table. On this table, I want you to imagine four representations of the elements. Put them in the respective directions where they would go. Fire north, Earth east, Water South, Wind west.

In the center of this area, imagine a mixing bowl. Take a pinch of fire and earth. Put them in the bowl and mix them with your fingers, so it’s like magma. Now, take a pinch of water and mix that in, making the elements more like mud. I want you to then imagine that this is a shield that you can coat yourself in, as much or as little as you want.

This “salve” is a protection spell that will protect you from harm. But to make it so you have to mentally project the intent into the mixture as you’re making it. One way of knowing if it worked is if you feel it worked in your heart and soul. You know when a spell has worked in the real world. Did you feel it in your safe zone? If so, it worked.

Now you don’t need any physical means of spell casting but your imagination. You can imagine any items you would need with the thought of it. Very handy for magick practitioners.

Keep at it!

This is but a small list of things that you can do in your mind’s eye while working, eating, jogging, or whatever daily tasks you need to complete. This, while difficult to master (it took me years personally to use the space as effectively as I have lately), can and will be an invaluable tool that you will not forget if practiced.

If you need to try any or all the steps over time repeatedly don’t feel bad. I can’t stress the importance of practice enough. It won’t happen overnight, but as you continue to focus on your safe place, you will eventually find that you go there without even thinking about it. You’ll find yourself calmer, happier, and as a result, in better health.

I also want to open a line to the readers that if you need help, feel free to contact me. My information is below, but feel free to email me directly at [email protected].

Happy meditating!


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