Very Close Encounter? Woman Snaps Creepy Photo of Lurking "Alien"

Very Close Encounter? Woman Snaps Creepy Photo of Lurking “Alien”


Did a woman unwittingly capture the creeping presence of an alien creature lurking outside her vehicle? Or is it something else entirely?

This eerie photograph popped online today, inciting some heated debate rational explanations for what certainly looks like a bug-eyed figure peering through a car window.

“My friend took a picture in the car… there’s nobody outside the car,” user cblmnop posted to reddit.


Instantly, the comments lit up with possible explanations for the image. Photoshop, pareidolia, and fog were popular choices, with “billboard of a woman wearing sunglasses” ranking pretty highly. Anyone who dared even mention anything paranormal was downvoted into oblivion.

Is this an alien in the window?

But while everyone was busy taking turns debunking, not one person bothered asking the poster any questions, so I went ahead and sent them a message asking for some details.

No problem man, it was taken in Melborne, Florida… she didn’t realize the face at first. She was on the side of what they call “tropical trail”.. I guess its a long road over there. They had to pull over because the car was overheating and she was trying to keep her nephew calm in the situation..¬†she wouldn’t lie, she is so freaked out, she won’t drive down this road again…

The Tropical Trail spoken of is a long stretch of road that runs down Merrit Island and Satellite Beach, an area that definitely has it’s fair share of paranormal¬†occurrences and strange sightings.

Does this prove anything? Of course not, but it’s more information, and true or not, it’s information that might be handy to paranormal investigators in Melbourne, Florida someday, which is why I’m posting it here now.

And all I had to do was ask for it.

What do you think of the photograph? Did extraterrestrials photobomb a teen mom or is Merrit Island home to some really jacked up billboard models? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or leave us a comment below!


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