Very Close Encounter? Woman Snaps Creepy Photo of Lurking "Alien"

Very Close Encounter? Woman Snaps Creepy Photo of Lurking “Alien”


Did a woman unwittingly capture the creeping presence of an alien creature lurking outside her vehicle? Or is it something else entirely?

This eerie photograph popped online today, inciting some heated debate rational explanations for what certainly looks like a bug-eyed figure peering through a car window.

“My friend took a picture in the car… there’s nobody outside the car,” user cblmnop posted to reddit.


Instantly, the comments lit up with possible explanations for the image. Photoshop, pareidolia, and fog were popular choices, with “billboard of a woman wearing sunglasses” ranking pretty highly. Anyone who dared even mention anything paranormal was downvoted into oblivion.

Is this an alien in the window?

But while everyone was busy taking turns debunking, not one person bothered asking the poster any questions, so I went ahead and sent them a message asking for some details.

No problem man, it was taken in Melborne, Florida… she didn’t realize the face at first. She was on the side of what they call “tropical trail”.. I guess its a long road over there. They had to pull over because the car was overheating and she was trying to keep her nephew calm in the situation.. she wouldn’t lie, she is so freaked out, she won’t drive down this road again…

The Tropical Trail spoken of is a long stretch of road that runs down Merrit Island and Satellite Beach, an area that definitely has it’s fair share of paranormal occurrences and strange sightings.

Does this prove anything? Of course not, but it’s more information, and true or not, it’s information that might be handy to paranormal investigators in Melbourne, Florida someday, which is why I’m posting it here now.

And all I had to do was ask for it.

What do you think of the photograph? Did extraterrestrials photobomb a teen mom or is Merrit Island home to some really jacked up billboard models? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, tweet us @WeirdHQ, or leave us a comment below!


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Greg Newkirk

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Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk

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photoshopped, if you zoom in 400%, you can see where they tried to blur the edges to blend it in. also, the picalation doesn’t match in those areas where they tried to blend them together.

The conclusion of my debunking report is as follows: This photograph is 100% authentic! The meta data suggests no editing has been done to it. All pixels align perfectly. All color and lighting is accurate and fluent throughout the image. The face is as close as it appears. This family caught a moment in time they were not meant to see nor remember. This can go two ways, either this family counts their blessings that the grey alien left the scene after realizing its photo was taken or this is the moment before they were all abducted for which they… Read more »

one last thing, reading the personal interview with this person(s); It was mentioned that the car broke down with overheating…is this something that commonly happens to the vehicle? Were the fluids low? If not… ‘it’ did it to stop the vehicle and conduct its abduction. Very common in vehicle abductions for the vehicles battery to suddenly die and or overheating.

Dear Bryon, I would love to read your story. how may I contact you ? I use gmail and the name I use is sami abela 3 all together. would love to hear from you thx Sami

Incorrect sir. The pixels throughout the image are perfectly aligned. There is no smudging and the line you see on the lips is the same type of line you see on nearly all sharp looking edges in the photo because it was taken with an 11px resolution device. Feel free to read my professional report in this article for more answers. Thank you!

Trying to do photo analysis on an image that was taken on an unknown phone camera when you have no information on the resolution of said camera that has since been transferred to the internet having its resolution quite possible considerably reduced and quite possibly cropped as well is the height of absurdity.

That’s nice but, this is all we have to go with and this is the analysis from this only piece of evidence thus far. Questions were raised and again, the detailed metadata suggests no editing(which includes any cropping and dithering).

Kwin The Eskimo

The “billboard” explanation is easily proven or disproven, but I guess the debunkers are too busy casting stones to take a simple drive down the same highway.

I suppose its true. Everybody on the internet is an expert in everything. Interesting article, very interesting.

This is probably the best comment I will ever read on the internets. Thank you so much. Rock on.

If it was dark out and light inside the car, it would be a reflection coming from inside the car. If this is her nephew where is her sister? I think this is her sister reflection exaggerated by the glass.

I dont know…to me, it looks like a person with some photoshop done to their face to LOOK alien like. I mean really, look at those lips. Usually when people encounter aliens, they describe them with very thin lips or something.

Got some Mick Jagger lips going on. Not your typical Gray.

Ken Summers

It’s one of the rare duckface grays the government doesn’t want people knowing about…

Reminds me of a recent ufology panel I saw about aliens supposedly showing up in the back of photos, where the people who took them didn’t notice until afterward. Though, it doesn’t look like any depiction of an alien, that I’ve seen, unless extraterrestrials have started getting pouty lips. Then again, this is a paranormal site, so let’s say it’s a ghost instead of an alien.

Greg at first I thought it was some sort of poster image placed up against the glass outside but two problems with that 1) the deep shadowing round the neck in particular seems to correspond with someone looking in from somewhere unlit 2) the lighter shadow across the upper half of the face pretty much corresponds to the sort of shadow which should be created by the car’s window rim and its unseen internal light source as someone outside draws closer The problem with that though is none of the orangey brownie hue of the light seems to seep into… Read more »

definitely looks like a billboard picture of a woman to me. I’ve never seen alien with lips like that. (don’t ask how many I’ve actually seen)

It almost looks like someone superimposed a monster high doll into the pic. If you look just above the child’s car seat, you can see a grey blur. Looks a lot like a monster high dolls hand. Just saying.

It’s obviously an alien human hybrid. Did Angelina Jolie mysteriously disappear for a year in her younger days?

C’mon, yeah the kids ugly, but it’s no alien…

Are Grays normally two-dimensional? This doesn’t look even remotely real.

The greys did not “engineer” us. That was done earlier by other alien species which is why there are so many different races on earth. The human look is something that was specifically bred here. The greys are future humans who have evolved. Many people think that the greys are terrible but many fail to understand that they are merely curious and they lack the same emotional sentience that most humans have. It was literally bred out of them over eons of time. They felt they had no need for them any longer but they have come back here to… Read more »
Looks more like a paranormal entity than a hybrid grey imo. It appears the girl taking the photo & the boy in the booster seat are both in the back seat of the car & if you look closely there is a light area at the edge of the window above the boys head giving the impression of long unkempt hair flowing out from the face. Also the angle the photo is taken from wouldn’t allow a third person in the back seat to be reflected back in that manner as some have alleged. She is obviously not the driver… Read more »

I completely agree with Dave. My first impression was that this is a ghost, not a gray alien (unless it’s some time of human/gray hybrid). The features are too human-like. I’d say it’s the ghost of a dead woman, hence why they didn’t see anyone outside the car. Unless, of course, this was an alien and they were abducted (car overheated…suspicious). Hmm…

the alien was happy to! cheers to her she got a good pic in the night. no need to be scared they are our sisters and brothers from another galaxy universe. we must accept them and take care of our own planet instead of trying to kill them off. unless you guys want to die faster, then MAN up and take the community and tell them to join hands together and fight this corrupted and polluted earth system. bring it back to normal!

Am not sure but i am sure i would like to know who the young woman is looks like me 30 yrs. ago

It looks like her sister, wearing big-rimmed sunglasses, peeked in the *tinted* window as the picture was taken.

He just wanted to wash your windows, guys.

Aliens like selfies too

I can see eyes behind the shades.
Oh, and no one really knows the differences between various paranormal beings, so debating ghosts vs aliens is just silly.
We try to have power over what we do not understand by naming.

That alien looks like it got lip injections…

It looks like Kim Kardashian.

I was just going to say it’s an attack of the alien Kardashians. LOL

I thought the same lol

Whoever did that alien’s plastic surgery should be sued for malpractice.

This world is hell bent on disbelief thanks to predictive programming.

Those are some luscious lips on that “alien”


Regardless if it’s real or not that alien isn’t that terrifying and infact it’s kind of cute like I’d give it a hug if I was promised not to get like abducted or whatever.

no, lips are too pronounced…its just a ghost

That looks like the kid from the grudge.

Hahaha, it looks like Angelina Jolie.