Paramedic Shares Photo of Encounter With Glowing-Eyed Humanoid Creature in Texas Cemetery

Paramedic Shares Photo of Encounter With Glowing-Eyed Humanoid Creature in Texas Cemetery


If you ever decide to take a leisurely midnight drive down Essman Lane to Mueschke Cemetery in Houston, you might want to beware a pair of glowing eyes peering at you through the darkness.

A Texas paramedic took to social media to describe his encounter with a “human sized” creature with luminous eyes “shuffling around the woods” on the outskirts of North Houston.

“I am a Paramedic and this picture was taken by my partner while I was asleep in the back of the unit at around 2 or 3 am”, user ‘RandyManMachoSavage’ told reddit’s /r/creepy board. “We were posting in an out of the way street surrounded by woods with a cemetery at the end of the road (about 50 yards from the rear of the ambulance). It is a popular place to post by police as well, because there’s no traffic and nobody really bothers you.”


“My partner woke me up and we stood outside for a while. I heard something moving around but I didn’t see anything. My partner suggested that he saw something with a human shape and about the size of a person. Then he showed me this picture.”


The image looks like any old image of a piece of forest taken at night, but RandyMan points out that a close look at the top-left side of the photograph reveals two glowing eyes reflecting in the camera’s flash. Creepy, indeed.

A few other readers from the Houston area were quick to share their own second-hand stories of eeriness on Essman Lane, covering the bases of mysterious lights, unexplained animals, and even drunken patrons of a nearby fetish club wandering into the forest for some privacy.

“My initial response was that it might have been a patron of the club ‘all hepped up on goofballs,'” one reader added, “but human eyes do not have a tapetum lucidum regardless of what drugs they are on.”

The road’s cemetery has long been a source of spooks for ghost hunters, providing many paranormal investigation teams with enough incredible tales to proclaim Mueschke Cemetery as “the scariest place they’ve ever visited“. One such story tells of a ghost hunter not only seeing a visible phantasm, but being attacked by the graveyard’s trees a la Evil Dead. Except without all the weird sexual stuff.


Could RandyMan have unknowingly snapped a photograph of one of the area’s spirits? He doesn’t know for sure, but advises of a good plan of action for anyone else who may find themselves the subject of glowing eyes on Essman.

“We NOPED the fuck down to Whataburger.”

If you feel like scoping out Essman Lane for yourself, you can find the coordinates to the location of Randyman’s encounter here, but if you go, you damn well better give me an update.

What do you think of RandyMan’s story and the photo of the glowing eyes on Essman Lane? Did he truly have an encounter with something strange and inhuman? Is there any truth ghost hunter’s stories of terrifying spirits from beyond haunting Mueschke Cemetery? Or did a paramedic from Houston just overreact to a run of the mill forest animal?

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