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Leaked Image Reveals Bigfoot Closeup from “Shooting Bigfoot” Film


A new documentary about Sasquatch hunters has debuted to eager audiences at the Toronto Hot Docs festival last week, and while the extremely limited release has kept ‘Footers from seeing the film en masse, it hasn’t stopped resourceful Squatchers from picking apart the claims that the film includes a highly obscured killing of a real, live Bigfoot by infamous hoaxer Rick Dyer.

The newest debate comes from a leaked frame of the film posted by Dyer himself, who says it proves that he and director Morgan Matthews were attacked by a Sasquatch during the filming of Shooting Bigfoot, the body of which is currently being held at a secret location in Nevada in preparation for a debut this August (on the anniversary of his 2008 hoax, of all times).

The image shows one of the most discussed frames of the film, shown during the frenetic climax in which Dyer and Matthews come face to face with what the audience is led to believe either a Sasquatch, or a man in a Sasquatch suit presumably hired by Dyer to scare Matthews and “prove” his salt as a Squatcher. So far, the bulk of investigators don’t believe either story, especially after one of the film’s crew came forward to say he helped hoax the entire scene.


themaskRegardless, Dyer maintains that the truth about the body (which the director himself says doesn’t exist), will come forward, and posted this frame from the film on Facebook as evidence. While the cave-man looking visage in the image is definitely interesting, Stacy Brown Jr, a cryptozoologist from Maine, says it’s just a suit previously used by Dyer in another video, and he has the mask to prove it.

“Dude told me that he was there for the filming of the tent video,” Brown told Bigfoot Evidence, claiming he received the image from “one of Rick Dyer’s buddies”.

There certainly seems to be a similarity. Maybe Dyer would have better luck in the special effects field?

What do you think of the leaked image from Shooting Bigfoot? Does the film contain evidence of an encounter with Sasquatch? Or is Rick Dyer trying to fool the world again, this time with a lot of extra help? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, on twitter @WhoForted, or engage with us in the comments section below!

Greg Newkirk

Greg Newkirk

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Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk


  1. DaisyD

    05/22/2013 at 12:49 AM

    It was not a member of Minnows Film Crew who stated they helped hoax the scene, it was a homeless guy who has changed his story on a number of occasions. Also, the Director Morgan Matthews never did say that the body does not exist either. Listen to his interviews carefully. He says there is no DEAD bigfoot in his movie and that he didnt help move the body to a secret location. That is not saying that there is no bigfoot in the movie?

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