Images of Dome-Shaped Flying Objects Snapped Over Yorkeys Knob

Images of Dome-Shaped Flying Objects Snapped Over Yorkeys Knob


Two residents of Yorkeys Knob, Australia (yes, that’s a real place) photographed what they believe is evidence of UFO contact.

Three weeks ago, Tracey Schneider and Charlotte Hellings were photographing the sunset at the Yorkeys Knob golf course when they were both shocked to spot clusters of strange objects in in the sky.

Both women claim to have snapped the same strange dome shapes with separate cameras, which they believe factors out the possibility that it might have been a smudge or a lenses flare.


Schneider and Hellings are not the first eye-witnesses to have spotted UFO clusters in the area. Many residents of Yorkeys Knob have been flooding The Cairns Post retelling their eyewitness accounts of the bizarre dome shapes.

“I put it on Facebook and a lot of people were saying they had seen the same thing,” Ms Schneider said. “I’m not a big UFO person myself but I thought it was interesting and people can make up their own minds.”

This past January nearby Cardwell residents reported seeing strange lights in the sky. Similar sightings have been reported in Queensland, Wangetti, Port Douglas and Townsville.

What do you think? Ironically no one has mentioned the fact that the objects photographed hovering in the sky look suspiciously like flying golf balls, which would make sense as the images were taken in a golf course, but hey what do I know. Share your thoughts about the objects with us on Facebook, on twitter, or in the comments below.


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