Fort Report: Evil Eyes, Stratospheric Skyfish, and Occult Feminism

Fort Report: Evil Eyes, Stratospheric Skyfish, and Occult Feminism


Happy April Fools Day, oddnauts!

It’s a dangerous day for news of the paranormal, but never fear, because I’ve got all of yesterday’s weirdest links ready for your consumption if you’ve been burned once too many already.

What’s inside this edition of The Fort Report? We’ve got bizarre sky-dwelling cryptids (and their skeptic explanations), lost royal treasure, Meat Loaf’s celebrity ghost hunting invitation, demonic sleep invasion, the history of Egypt’s Evil Eye, musings on occult feminism, and more!


Get to it, weirdos, and remember that even on April 1st, the truth is still stranger than fiction.

Lair of the Beasts: Monsters and Ghosts

When it comes to trying to ascertain the true nature of British Bigfoot and wild man encounters – which is a deeply fraught and difficult task at the very best of times – the theories are as wide and varied as they are controversial and thought-provoking.

Paranormal Experts Search For Ghosts At Middleboro Town Hall

A team of four paranormal investigators will spend all of Friday night combing every square inch of the Town Hall in Middleboro. The expedition is exciting for all of them, but it is a long time coming for Phillip Brunelle.

The Bizarre Case of the Stratospheric Skyfish

Skyfish, also known as solar entities or rods, are well-known cryptids. If you point your camera in just the right direction at sunset, you just might catch one on film. Where do these mysterious creatures come from?

‘Escrick Ring,’ Found In England May Have Royal Origins

Michael Greenhorn looks nothing like Frodo Baggins from “The Lord of the Rings,” yet his discovery of a mysterious gold ring has set him on a bizarre journey that even a Hobbit could respect.

New film explores mysterious Puget Sound UFO sighting

The mysteries behind many UFO sightings may never be explained, but what happened over Puget Sound on June 21, 1947 is a mystery that’s getting new life in a film. [Note: The Museum of Mysteries in Seattle has a piece from the crash wreckage on display, for those interested.]

Occult Feminism and the Psychic Superiority of Women

One of the absolute creepiest things about the corporate media monolith created in the wake of deregulation is the way they have completely and seemingly irreparably poisoned the word feminism in the minds of the hoi polloi.

The evil eye in Egypt

Hanging a chain of small blue beads featuring a blue eye from the mirror in a car, or placing a painting or ceramic blue hand, hamsa, on a store or front door of a house are all part of a special Egyptian tradition. Also good for repelling vampires, as Nick Foust demonstrates in this summer’s Planet Weird.

Meat Loaf invites Robbie Williams to go Ghost Hunting

Meat Loaf has apparently been having ghostly experiences since he was a child, and wants Robbie to come with him to hunt out some famous ghosts. Perhaps they’ll stumble upon their careers while they’re at it?

Strange Sleep Disorder Makes People See ‘Demons’

When filmmaker Carla MacKinnon started waking up several times a week unable to move, with the sense that a disturbing presence was in the room with her, she didn’t call up her local ghost hunter. She got researching.

From beasts to UFOs, North Carolina is home to some strange things

The Fay Observer collected some stories about some of North Carolina’s more unusual people, places and things. Yet no mention of the Brown Mountain Lights? What gives?

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