Fort Report: Murderous Voodoo, Glowing Bugs, and the Truth About Faeries

Fort Report: Murderous Voodoo, Glowing Bugs, and the Truth About Faeries


Welcome back, Forteans!

In today’s edition of The Fort Report, I’ve got a barrel of links that are sure to remind you that the world isn’t half as dull as the last week would have you believe. What kind of links, you ask? Stories of murder and Voodoo! Mysterious locations! Bizarre glowing insects! The Missing Link! Ghosts Galore! And even the sad truth about desert faeries.

Read on, oddnauts, and remember to keep an eye on those strange symptoms…


D.C. man who used voodoo to try to kill his wife sentenced to 4 years in prison

Cheryl McLaughlin returned to her Northeast Washington home after work about two years ago to find candles flickering in her living room, with slips of paper under each that read: “make her stay” or “make her love me.” When the Voodoo rituals didn’t work (all three of them), he said the hell with it and hired a hitman.

A Circle of High Strangeness

One place in Staffordshire, England seems to attract a great deal more than its fair share of such activity. Its name is deeply familiar to one and all throughout the area as Castle Ring. Located near to the village of Cannock Wood, Castle Ring is an Iron Age structure commonly known as a Hill Fort… and it’s weird.

Jaw Fossil Of Ancient Mammal With Modern Teeth Unearthed In Japan

Paleontologists in Japan have unearthed the jaw of a primitive mammal from the early Cretaceous period, suggesting faster evolutionary processes than previously thought.

Glowing Millipedes Accidentally Found on Alcatraz

A plan to eliminate rats on Alcatraz, home to the famous old prison in San Francisco Bay, led to the discovery of an unfamiliar glowing creature never before seen on the island.

Strange Syndromes: Have You Been Experiencing Symptoms?

It’s vital to our existence, is responsible for every move we make and every thought we have, and the smartest of us only use about 10% of it; the human brain is a mystery within itself. However, the organic computer system which allows us to do so much can often be one of our biggest obstacles. Psychological disorders are nothing to laugh about…although sometimes it really can’t be helped.

Team finds signs of ghosts in Pa.

A ghost hunting team from Ohio claims that they’ve found evidence of the spooky in New Castle, Pennsylvania’s Hill View Manor. This article is extremely short (a full report can be found at WETV-5 here), but there’s some hilarity in comments when ‘Richard Dawkins’ shows up. I’ll take a guess and say it’s not really him.

Missing skull mystery: Key clue to man’s evolution shipped to US

A key clue in unlocking the mysteries of the evolutionary path of modern man — the Sivapithecus Indicus fossil skull, which was discovered in Pakistan’s Potohar plateau and went missing in 1996, had been shipped to the United States under a secret deal. Are we one step closer to finding the missing link?

Sea Hare Ink Is One of Nature’s Most Unusual Bioweapons

Sea hares are known for the colorful, sticky ink they let loose when knocked around by hungry predators (or mean humans). Scientists already knew a few ways this defense helped these squishy creatures escape the dinner plate. But new research reveals another purpose to the defensive ink, and it’s unlike anything else seen in the animal kingdom.

Ghost Hunting in Tallinn’s Old Town: A Survivor’s Tale

When wandering the streets of Tallinn’s medieval Old Town, it’s easy to imagine that some of the centuries-old houses are haunted, or at least reputedly so. Recently, a team from ERR News attempted to verify one of the claims first hand, as staffer Juhan-Markus Laats reports.

Mystery of Desert ‘Fairy Circles’ Solved, Creators Found

The “artists” behind bizarre, barren, grassless rings dotting the desert of Southwest Africa have been found lurking right at scientists’ feet: termites. SCIENCE!

Ghost hunt: Seeking out spirits at the Squirrel Cage Jail

I’ll just this quote from the article here, verbatim: “We try to do debunk everything, we go in trying to debunk,” she said. “And if there is activity we refer people to help them. Try to get them counseling – there might be turmoil, energy within that person that draws the spirits.” SCIENCE!

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