It Came from Outer Space! Meteor-Like UFO Drops Mysterious, Spongy Organisms in Man's Yard

It Came from Outer Space! Meteor-Like UFO Drops Mysterious, Spongy Organisms in Man’s Yard


When a UFO streaked through the sky over a Chinese man’s residence last week, it left behind a spongy, oozing parting gift in his front yard.

Peng Xianyong of Yongjin, China described seeing a red and green meteor-like object fly overhead on March 22nd, and as it did, his front yard lit up for a split second. He didn’t think very much of it until the following day, when he walked into his front yard to find four very strange yellow organisms growing. When he peeled the spongy outer layer of the object (with a stick, one hopes), it revealed an oozing, golden center that quickly browned and crusted.

Local officials who learned of the strange growths quickly visited Peng to see for themselves, and after doing some poking and prodding of their own, told the WCC Daily that the objects smelled like “fresh plants” and had the consistency of “steamed goose eggs”.


While there is speculation that Peng simply saw a meteor, neither he, nor his fellow villagers believe it. They’re hoping that sending samples of the yellow organisms to the government’s agricultural department will back them up. Or, you know, at least get the blobs exterminated before they grow large enough to terrorize the city.

What do you make of Peng’s discovery? Did an unidentified flying object leave something behind? Or is it just a coincidence that Peng sees a meteor the night before a strange fungus pops up on his property? Tweet me @WhoForted, message me on Facebook, or leave a comment below and let me know what you think.


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