Mysterious Burning Object Falls From the Sky, Wounding Two and Scaring a Whole Village

Mysterious Burning Object Falls From the Sky, Wounding Two and Scaring a Whole Village


Two Indian women were sent to the hospital yesterday after a mysterious flaming object came careening out of the sky and into their yard. Experts say it’s not a meteor.

The injured women, only identified as Saroj, 32, and Arti, 21, were busying themselves with some daily chores when the fireball soared into the ground, split apart, bouncing into the women and causing minor injuries.

“I was washing clothes with my neighbour near my house when I heard the sound of an aircraft passing by and a few moments after that a burning object fell near us,” Saroj told the Hindustan Times. “It fragmented into several small pieces and some of which fell on us.”


Thinking that the object might be a meteor, researchers from the Regional Forensic Science Laboratory were quickly dispatched to Patola village near Chamunda temple where the object impacted, only to rule out the possibility after testing the fragments.

“Our team visited the area and found some explosive material from the spot. However, the nature of the explosive could be ascertained only after proper analysis. The samples are being sent to State Forensic Science Laboratory at Junga in Shimla,” said Dr. N. Prakash Dubey, adding that “it definitely wasn’t a meteorite or a natural object.”

One resident described the fireball as being about 12 inches large, and the material collected by the research team has yielded both a rubbery material and a lot of “grey ash”, neither of which could be identified thus far.

Theories about the object range from everything from misfired military explosives to stray jet fuel, but if there’s anything I learned from Creepshow, it’s that those women should probably keep a close eye on their skin, lest they start turning into plants.

Were Saroj and Arti bonked by extraterrestrial space junk? I want to know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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