Sky Watcher Films Glowing UFO Disappearing Over Area 51 [VIDEO]

Sky Watcher Films Glowing UFO Disappearing Over Area 51 [VIDEO]


Is the most famous secret base in America still tinkering with alien technology? According to a UFO chaser from Arizona, it might appear so.

On Wednesday, YouTube user DarkSkyWatcher77 posted a video of a strange anomaly that was filmed from a mountaintop in Kingman, AZ, a site overlooking the infamously secretive military installation known as Area 51. The footage shows a glowing blue object hovering over the base, only to disappear and re-emerge as a bright yellow sphere.

The skywatcher claims he observed the UFO for roughly half an hour from the mountain, a spot where he says the sightings come with a great frequency. He also thinks the strange object might be the planet Nibiru, and a few commenters have suggested that the labcoats at Area 51 are opening portals, but that’s for you to decide.


Have a look at the full video below and let us know what you think about the footage. Did DarkSky capture an experimental aircraft test, the visitation of something truly out of this world, or is there a more mundane (read: lamer) explanation for the sighting? Send your thoughts to us on twitter @WhoForted, on the WF Facebook page, or in the comments section below!


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