Visitors from Beyond? Strange Lights in the Night Sky Over Berwickshire

Visitors from Beyond? Strange Lights in the Night Sky Over Berwickshire


Are we being visited by beings from outer space? One man thinks so, and has snapped a few pictures of what he thinks might be the evidence.

Strange lights have been spotted over the night skies in Berwickshire, Scotland. The sightings which locals say have been occurring throughout the past few months, were finally captured this past week when Berwickshire native Paul Taylor photographed the bizarre blue streaks on his way home from work.

Another resident, John Robinson spotted the same orb-like-lights while out walking his dog. At first he passed the incident off as the headlights from a passing car, but after talking with neighbors, Robinson changed his mind as they described witnessing the same strange lights dart off into quickly into the night sky.


Similar sightings have been spotted all across Berwickshire and even in Yorkshire, causing quite a bit of speculation about what exactly is being seen by so many people.

“If it was a helicopter you would be able to see lights. But there are no lights. I have no idea what it is.” Robinson explained to local newspapers, “But then, I don’t think we can be the only kind of life in the universe, either.”

Still there are those who claim the odd lights are simply the result of “space junk” burning up in the atmosphere. What do you think? Have you seen any weird lights in the sky lately? We want to know! Share your thoughts with us on our official Facebook page, on twitter @WhoForted, or in the comments section below!


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  1. alice

    03/19/2013 at 11:12 AM

    Signs and wonders are appearing in the sky. Not all of God…but of fallen angels and demons. beware…some are from shadow government who have sold their souls to the devil. last day stuff…

  2. Tirrell Coleman

    12/28/2013 at 6:44 AM

    Hi my name is Tirrell. I live in the US, and currently reside in Hyattsville, MD; last night i actually witnessed the same phenomemnon. As I was looking up into the night sky (around 7pm est) I saw a blue wavy streak of light, but I wasn’t startled nor surprised.

    Three years ago, I came to a conclusion that my eyes were truly awaken, to realize things are not what they seem to be. I’ve witnessed the Orange orb phenomenon, a shadowy serpent with an illuminated face gradually coming towards me, and suddenly vanishing through my ceiling; and about a week ago, I witnessed another Orange orb descending towards the woods not too far from where I live.

    Within these years in between I’ve realized that God truly exist, and a lot of folks need to get with the program, before It’s too late, its not a joke. God is real!

  3. Jono Da Truth

    10/30/2014 at 5:27 PM

    Either that or floaters in the eye, lol

  4. Sid

    09/20/2015 at 10:00 AM

    It is 20th of Sep, 2015 and I am from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. It is strange because I thought nobody else had an experience with such incidents as few moments ago in the sky I was with my family on the roof of the house. We noticed strange party like lights in the sky but there was no source of it. After that I noticed flashes of light from behind a cloud so clear it wasn’t unnoticeable. The sky was clear enough with little bit of clouds. Now there was a bright flash of light from behind the clouds and there was no sign of rain as it had rained few hours ago. Nothing was natural. I tried to capture it on my camera But I guess my camera wasn’t powerful enough to capture it. This is not the first time I, along with my family have been noticing such kind of stuff. Strange things have been happened. It was I didnt know whom to tell because people would ignore to hear it.

  5. derrufo

    08/09/2016 at 2:43 PM

    if you look up on the internet NASA worm…story musgrove sighted something and he thought it was ufo related. it is similar to this shape. it is the same type of ship. it is a cargo carrier, with a flexible design in order to carry life forms in water either from earth to space for use or to bring biological mass life forms to earth.sorry. not all news is good….derrufo konepke (google plus).

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