Man Claims to Have Captured Voice of "Ghost Child" at Nunnery [Video]

Man Claims to Have Captured Voice of “Ghost Child” at Nunnery [Video]

ghostchild2Does a seemingly innocent YouTube video of yard work contain the otherworldly wails of a ghostly child? One man thinks so.

Gavin Espley, from Birmingham, England believes he accidentally captured the eerie voice of a child’s ghost on camera and he’s uploaded the video to the internet in the hopes of convincing others.

The clip, which as of this writing has a scant 63 views, was already a bit weird to begin with.. it’s a cell phone video of a man raking leaves shot from a second story window overlooking a nunnary yard. It only gets stranger though, when you turn up the volume and hear what sounds like a distant wailing.. a lost child moaning, “I’m cold, Mummy. I’m cold.”

Gavin claims he was home alone in the house at the time, with no television or other electronics running. He accounts for the knocks and bumps heard in the video, attributing them to the wind, but  when it comes to the ghoulish moaning, Espley claims that this is actually his second run in with the soft spoken spook.


It was at about 11:30 am and this was the second encounter. The video was purely recorded to catch the gardener of the nunnery next door talking to himself. There was no one else in the nunnery grounds.

Give the video a watch below and let us know what you think. Have you ever had a run-in with the creepy ghost of a child? We want to hear about it! Tweet us @whoforted, share your thoughts with us on our official Facebook page, or leave a comment with your story!


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