Security Guard "Driven Insane" by Female Ghost in White Dress

The White Lady’s Revenge: Security Guard “Driven Insane” by Female Ghost in White Dress

Security Guard Driven "Insane" by Ghost in White Dress

A security guard in the Thai city of Pattaya is being held at a local police station after “going mad” in a temple. The cause? He claimed that he was being continually stalked by the ghost a woman in a white dress.

When police arrived on the scene, they found a group of monks restraining the terrified Phonsiri Janthamas, a 45 year old security guard. Phonsiri was bleeding heavily from his left arm, an injury he sustained from punching a large mirror until it shattered.

When authorities couldn’t calm the shivering man, who they insist had gone completely insane, they cuffed him and took him down the station. The temple monks, on the other hand, recounted how Phonsiri suddenly freaked out and trashed the place, attacking a giant sliding mirror, and scaring the Abbot so much he locked himself in a temple room and waited for the police, letting all the monk trainees grapple with the crazed security guard.


The pieces finally began to come together when officers questioned Phonsiri’s 26 year-old co-worker, who told them he brought Phonsiri to the temple to seek the advice of the monks after being constantly followed by the ghost of a woman in a white dress. According to a report in the Pattaya Daily News, upon seeing the mirror, the haunted man’s mind “finally snapped”, sending him into a frenzy.

Seems like vengeful female ghosts are beginning to be a thing this year. Just a few weeks back, a man committed suicide after coaxing from the ghost of his dead wife.


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Greg Newkirk

Greg Newkirk

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Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk

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I agree. I’ve heard the monotony alone can make some slip their grip just a teeny bit

Wasn’t breaking mirror bad luck and it’s known to be a portal to another world?

I am also a security officer in south Africa free state provinces in the farm area a have expiriances weird sonund an flashing light and mist meeking images of old lady and a young boy flashing about in an open air in front of me until I realise that I am not imagining this this is realy happening and also my body will react complete unsual until they have realise that I am aware of them now they are trying to communicate with me and they are trying to show me that they will not harm me, the farm I… Read more »

Being a security guard does not imply intellectual capability. Sounds like this guy either wanted to quit his job, is a lier, or is mentally ill. Or more likely a mix of the 3.

Hey that’s a rather harsh statement regarding security guards. I knew a security officer who had a 5 yr BS in criminal law and made over 60 g’s a yr. Can’t judge a book by the cover as they say.