Glowing "Orange Fireball" Spotted Hovering off Texas Coast

Glowing “Orange Fireball” Spotted Hovering off Texas Coast

Skywatchers on Galveston, Texas caught a strange sight on Monday as a weird “orange fireball” was seen hovering off the coast and moving West.

“I know several other people in the area on the seawall saw it,” one local man told the Galveston Daily News. He described a strange “object that looked like a headlight coming toward him from an estimated 5 miles offshore”.

The object was first spotted on Monday at around 7:00PM.

While the Daily News article mentions that several bewildered bystanders snapped photos of the mysterious floating ball of light, they neglected to include even a single image in the piece, leaving armchair detectives empty handed. Maybe a reader who spotted the object could help us out?


Fireballs are not uncommon to Texas. Just a few months ago a rare “daylight fireball” caused quite a stir. Then it turned out to be a contrail.

If you saw the fireball, especially if you were able to snap a photo of it, tweet us @whoforted or drop by the brand spankin’ new WF Facebook page and share your story!


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