Jack Black's New Series "Ghost Ghirls" Sends Up Ghost Hunting TV

Jack Black’s New Series “Ghost Ghirls” Sends Up Ghost Hunting TV


Back in late 2012, you might recall that there was a bit of buzz going around about a project executive produced by Jack Black (yes, that Jack Black), titled Ghost Ghirls. A half hour pilot was created for the Syfy Channel, but they passed, presumably because they didn’t want to air a show making fun of the genre they make the bulk of their money from. That only hindered the project a bit, as the series is set to premiere this spring on Yahoo!’s web series network Screen.

Ghost Ghirls (yes, there is an extra h in there.. can you tell they worked with Sci-Fi..err.. I mean Syfy on this first?) revolves around two female ghost hunters, one a psychic and the other a “tech expert”, as they solve paranormal mysteries with the help of celebrity guest stars such as Jason Schwartzman and Molly Shannon. Each episode supposedly revolves around their efforts to prove to their clientele that they’re perfectly capable ghost hunters who know what they’re doing.. even if that isn’t exactly the case.

Ghost Ghirls is the funniest idea for a TV show that we’ve seen since I’ve been in the business,” Jack Black told the press.


The series is slated to air early this spring, with the episodes clocking in at about ten minutes each. You can find out more about the Ghost Ghirls at Hollywood Reporter and watch the trailer (if you can get Yahoo!’s totally shitty video player to work – I couldn’t) HERE.


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