Mysterious "Beam" Interrupts Radar in Illinois, Puzzles Experts

Mysterious “Beam” Interrupts Radar in Illinois, Puzzles Experts

Since the 16th of November, the National Weather Service has been reporting that a mysterious “beam of interruption”  in Lincoln, Illinois has been screwing with it’s radar. A quick glance at one of their Doppler images and it’s easy to see that something is shooting through the state, but as of now the meteorologists can only guess at the cause.

Is it visual evidence of some kind of HAARP mind control? A targeting beam from an intergalactic destroyer? Maybe, but there could also be a much more mundane explanation.

“We’re not sure what it is yet,” meteorologist Llyle Barker, told the Journal Star. “4G has caused interference before, so it might be a 4G tower.”

The Weather Service has stated that the interference is mostly harmless and hasn’t really impacted them, so they probably won’t look into it much more. Certainly sounds like mind control to me.


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Greg Newkirk

Greg Newkirk

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Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk

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White Trash Peg

How did I let this sh*t get past me? I have a theory regarding the largest, ugliest statue of Abraham Lincoln ever crafted out of fiberglass – located in Lincoln, IL, the HAARP mind control beam, and the recent release of the cinematic jewel “Lincoln”, starring the former head of the black arts portion of Sinn Féin and Oscar nominee Daniel Day Lewis: but after I walked outside the metallic safety of my double wide this afternoon I couldn’t seem to remember the details… weird

Let me keep it real simple for you, Pearls before swine. Enjoy your FEMA camp.

White Trash Peg

super duper

It looks like an anomaly coming from the radar’s extractor itself and not a zapping ray gun… Guys you have to check your device.

its most likely the doppler radar picking up the sun as it sets. it has happened many times before. google it, you’ll see

While radar does pick up sun rises and sets, this anomaly is there 24/7. As the meteorologist says, it’s likely due to a cellular signal.

But space zombies commandeering HAARP to spread chemtrails for the Illuminati is a more fun explanation. Let’s go with that, shall we?

Agreed mind control is impossible and harrp cannot control the weather

give peg her own column.

aside to peg…you dont live in sunnyvale trailer park, do you?

Radar works by sending a pulse of RF energy and looking for echos. As the antenna spins, the radar can probe different azimuths (and elevations, if required.) As the signal reflects from an object it returns to the radar delayed, and the delay can be used to calculate the distance to the reflecting object. If, however, you have a stationary transmitter that radiates RF on the same frequency as the radar, when the radar turns its antenna toward the transmitter it will be receiving “continuous echo” regardless of what it sends (and whether it sends it.) This would be interpreted… Read more »

From what I’ve heard, only the most expensive and modern weather radars have that kind of tech. Its only trickled down from military use within the last decade. An improperly configured 4G tower is the most likely explanation: a really crappy pirate radio transmitter would be another. The government usually wastes no time investigating radar jamming incidents but this may not be considered “jamming” per se. If it IS being looked into, the fact that this signal is still out there suggests its either very elusive or not well understood – perhaps both.

What 4G towers do not modulate in these terms and if it interfered it would do it more often and a tower would be very close to the radar source…..ok…

Sorry about this, it seems that a small amount of conglesium was accidentally fused within the active side of another ractillation telekeep simulation nodule, this only happens when a employee has too much potassium on the finger tips while handling the obsessorator. usually from eating a banana prior to touching the device. We are almost out of bananas so this should not happen again.
Thank you for your patience regarding this mishap.
DR Magnos

If I catch anyone eating a banana I’ll turn him into a banana tree.

from what I can see/tell,it looks just like a data stream doubt it is and it happens when our use govt wants to relay info about something they don’t want us to know about.


I’ve read else where that it’s the contrail from the scramjet engine of the military’s latest X space vehicle. The images I saw showed the same contrail spanning the entire distance across the US and onward over the atlantic.


[…] Mysterious ‘Beam’ Interrupts Radar In Illinois, Puzzles Experts […]

It is an Electron beam coming from the Salt Lake City Nexrad facility.
You can track it back line of sight.
At 13:28 UTC today Lincoln IL was receiving that same beam from Reno NV plus 2 others. The meteorologists either know they are not 4 G or they are ignorant or worse.
Here is an example of multile beams at Roanoke:

Moriyah – Really? Well, I work for the National Weather Service as an electronics Technician and spent my first 4 1/2 years in Salt Lake City. Please explain to me what an electron beam is because I must have missed that part in the classes and hands on training I received. Also – if you’d like, I still know all the meteorologists out there – I’d be happy to pass along to them how ignorant they are…… BTW – the comment from the user “ME” above is pretty much dead on as to what causes this type of anomaly –… Read more »

I have been hearing the same stories from Meteorologists for years. What I see does not line up with what they say or you.
The beam attack was just repeated. Story can be found at BIN.
There are beam transfers all day every day.
The beams at sunset and sunrise are using the photon excitement caused by the sun as a highway. They can transfer, using the beams, energy for various purposes. What is the purpose?


[…] Mysterious “Beam” Interrupts Radar in Illinois, Puzzles Experts […]

directed EMP, just a warning?

It’s a bad getter on the radar’s magnetron tube. It needs to be replaced.

Bob – the WSR-88D does not use a magnetron – it uses a klystron.

That beam is almost in direct line to the radar installation just south of Sublette,MO,on an old military base. The radar is still active. Go to Sublette, MO on Google maps, and it is at position 40 degrees 17’51.57″ N 92 degrees 34’33.82″ W.


I meant “Google Earth”

its them pesky Klingon’s again, always gotta mess with us!

all things follow the beam. Someone should see if Roland is following it.

now that is fucking stupid. this made me unfollow you. These types of beams happen with EVERY radar system.. it’s a temp error that happens multiple times of the day. 4g tower my ass. It’s more like the system just had an error and didn’t reset right. Causing a error loop. mysterious Beam.. how fucking idiotic do you have to be…

Sir, it is not a question of idiots. Some can’t learn for a variety of reasons. When it is a professional we expect more. Like you sir. How many beams have you analyzed? I have done 1,000’s and they all line up with one thesis. My stories are pretty dramatic and conclusive on beforeitsnews. I welcome a critical argument from anyone to find full disclosure on this subject. Anyone not working towards that objective is not helping and therefore hindering. Prove me right or wrong as above and on beforeitsnews. Just search electron beam to find my stories. Take them… Read more »

look at new mexico and southern CA.. WOW mysterious BEAMS!! OMG ALIENS! haha

Greg is cute!

Greg definitely looks better than with the darker hair and the crazy grin.

Long live the lameness of Americans!

I don’t know a lot about the equipment they’re using, but that seems a lot more like an artifact rather than something the sensors is actually picking up. I’m just speculating, thougj

That is an electron beam transmitted from another radar facility which may or may not be a Nexrad Doppler.
They are most often used to alter weather.
Lincoln Nexrad station KILX is often used as the focal point for creation of a vortex at the center of major storm systems.
These beams can be seen all over the US every day. They often precede deadly events like the recent spate of OKC tornadoes.


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Electron Beam idiots. it is not a beam. it is an unwanted signal being reflected by either Sunburst which gives a high reflective signal back to doppler Radars or Same channel interference either a WIMAX Tower or Made in C wifi’s.. please make some research idiots. HAARP is definitely different from Doppler Radar. interms of Frequency 3-30 Hz Radar uses GigaHertz. check patents of doppler Radar and HAARP please