Georgia Woman Files Police Report Regarding Thieving Ghost

Georgia Woman Files Police Report Regarding Thieving Ghost

I’ll skip right on by the low hanging “who ya gonna call? – the Gho.. err.. police” joke, and jump right into it. A Georgia woman just filed a police report against a ghost. See? It doesn’t even need a better intro than that.

40 year old Debbie Zamancona from Winder, Georgia recently suffered a burglary in which she lost a couple blouses, a paper detailing her criminal history, and even her resume. Granted, those are already some generally odd things for someone to swipe, but home break-ins happen all the time, right? Not like this, they don’t. You see, not only did Debbie value her professional resume at a whopping five thousand dollars, but it was stolen by a ghost. Well, one of two possible ghosts, actually.

When it came time to report the crime to an officer of the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office, Zamancona admitted that she’s often visited by the spirit of her dead mother, but that she was more inclined to believe the “black spirit” was the thief.

You know what? I’m just going to copy the report right here:


On December 22, 2012 at approximately 1405 hours I was dispatched to [redacted] in reference to a theft report. Upon arrival I met with the complainant Debbie Michelle Zamacona. Mrs. Zamacona stated her resume and criminal history had been stolen off her desk. Mrs. Zamacona stated the documents had been taken sometime in the past two weeks. I asked Mrs. Zamacona if it was possible that she had miss placed her documents and she said no. Mrs. Zamacona showed me her desk which was located in her bedroom. Mrs. Zamacona allowed me to look for her missing documents amongst the various paperwork on her desk. When I could not locate the documents I asked Mrs. Zamacona the value for the resume and the criminal history.

Mrs. Zamacona stated that she was unsure how much the resume was worth because she was not good at math. I told Mrs. Zamacona that I needed a value for the report and that it just needed to be an approximation. Mrs. Zamacona stated she did not understand what I was asking. At that point I noticed a flat screen television mounted on the wall of her bedroom. I explained to Mrs. Zamacona that the value of the resume was like me asking her how much she would sell her television for. Mrs. Zamacona stated she did not know how much she would sell the television for because she does not like television. Again I explained that I was asking the value of the item not wether or not she like television. Mrs. Zamacona stated she would take three hundred dollars for the television. I stated ok and asked her what she would sell her resume for. Mrs. Zamacona stated she then understood and stated the resume is valued at five thousand dollars. I then asked Mrs. Zamacona how much the criminal history was worth and she stated she had spent ten dollars at the court house for it. After getting the values for the items I asked Mrs. Zamacona if anything else was missing from the residence. Mrs. Zamacona stated she was unsure and that her black and blue blouse had been missing and was unsure if it was stolen too. Mrs. Zamacona stated the blouse is valued at five dollars. The total value of the stolen items is five thousand fifteen dollars.

I asked Mrs. Zamacona if she had any idea who could have taken the items and she stated she was unsure and that I would think she was crazy but she believes a ghost or spirit might have taken the items. I asked Mrs. Zamacona why she thought a ghost or spirit might have taken her things and she stated because the ghost of her mother often visits her. Mrs. Zamacona stated she did not think her mother`s ghost took the items but that it could have been a “black spirit”. Mrs. Zamacona stated she sees “black spirits” from time to time around the residence and outside the residence. Mrs. Zamacona was unsure if the “black spirits” reside in the residence or are following her.

I advised Mrs. Zamacona a report would be written documenting the incident and that if she found the items or needed any other law enforcement assistance to contact the Sheriff`s Office. Mrs. Zamacona then asked if she could be transported to the Barrow County Court House to get a copy of her terminated probation paperwork. I advised Mrs. Zamacona that the court house was not open and that she would need to contact a friend or taxi service when the court house was open. Mrs. Zamacona stated she understood and I then left the residence. No method of entry was located.

There is no audio or video of this incident.

For a few more tidbits on the Thieving Black Ghost of Winder, you can head over to the Augusta Chronicle.


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