Woman Snaps Creepy Photo of "Mothman" Through Peephole

Woman Snaps Creepy Photo of “Mothman” Through Peephole

Is this a photo of the often menacing, always elusive Mothman? A woman by the name of Sharon Davis thinks so, after all, she snapped the photograph through the peephole of her apartment. It’s so hard to find nice neighbors these days.

Sharon shared the photo with Clyde Lewis of the Portland, Oregon based Ground Zero radio show. After contacting him for advice on a creature stalking her home, Clyde suggested that she snap a photo and send it in. Too afraid to actually go outside or even look out the window, Sharon grabbed her friends cell phone, stuck it up to the peephole on the door, and snapped this image that appears to show a very tall humanoid figure standing next to her car. Here’s what she had to say about the photo:

The being is boldly and directly looking at me and is not intimidated by me in the least. It was there all night, it orginally was standing at the back bumper of my car and I did take several pictures which shows that it did not stay stationary but did move to the mid section of the car and half in half out.

So, what do you think? Did Sharon snap a photo of the Mothman? Or is it something else?


The gang from Planet Weird and I recently had the pleasure of visiting Mothman’s hometown of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, but aside from a huge statue with a bare ass, he was nowhere to be found. Probably out detailing Sharon’s car.


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