Nick Pope Promises Military UFO Secrets Revealed Today

Nick Pope Promises Military UFO Secrets Revealed Today

I’m so happy I edited my Google News feed to bring up stories about UFOs. Not only are these stories generally less depressing that reading about barbaric rioters who can’t comprehend freedom of speech or the latest god-awful-cannibal-sex-crime-murder-spree, its also made me realize just how many UFO stories make the news every week.

This week there’s been reports of a major battle taking place in the Pacific Ocean between hostile UFOs and the combined forces of the Chinese and U.S. navies. (Well, the U.S. navies not tied up in the Middle East.) Parellels have been drawn to this summer’s Battleship showing that fiction really does intrude upon our world; even really, really shitty fiction. Wow.

Stories like this (and the movie when it came out as well) also bring up an old paranoia of mine. Could world governments use a fake invasion to distract citizens from domestic situations such as poverty or human rights violations? A false “Earth vs. the Flying Saucers” could be used to whip citizens into a patriotic fervor; a slight of hand to gain more power and deprive people of the natural freedoms. I realize I’m being fanciful but its always good to keep in mind just how untrustworthy governments, or any group of people blatantly seeking power, are by their very nature.

A more interesting story appeared today on Huffington Post that I thought must people here would be interested in; tomorrow at 6:30 p.m.  four retired U. S. colonels and Nick Pope, UFO investigator for the British Ministry of Defense and author of books such as Open Skies, Closed Minds, will be unveiling “UFO secrets.” One participant,  Col. William Coleman, seems to think that he’s figured out the UFO enigma in its entirety and its a solution that no one has yet produced. Sounds interesting, though UFO investigators and paranormalists are generally an imaginative bunch; maybe he hasn’t looked that much into what other investigators have to say.


Perhaps this is a disinformation campaign or a build up to something incredibly underwhelming. Since Coleman claims to have witnessed a “classic flying saucer” in the clear light of day hopefully his solution will be more interesting and convincing than swamp gas or weather balloons. Personally I’m longing its something to wipe the smug smiles off the churchgoers at CSISCOP and the James Randi Foundation’s faces. I’m not holding my breath though. (Anyways, there’s no guarantee a group of people so dogmatic and stuck in a single reality tunnel could be convinced of anything other than their expectations. I imagine if an alien landed in some of those folk’s backyards their minds still wouldn’t accept it; they’ll always have “mass hallucination” to fall back upon.)

You can read the entire article here. Perhaps what is said tomorrow at the National Atomic Testing Museum will be a game changer.



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