Leaflets Warning of Pagan Human Sacrifice Plans Alarms Community

Leaflets Warning of Pagan Human Sacrifice Plans Alarms Community

Pagans in Epping Forest, an area in south-east England, are denying claims that they intend to capture someone next week for use in human sacrifice ritual, a claim they call “ridiculous”.

On Monday, a mysterious collection of fliers was anonymously stuffed into mailboxes around Effing High Street, prompting some local alarm. The leaflets warned of local pagans’ sinister “plan to abduct a male member of the public for use as part of their rituals” on Lammas Day, a holiday that celebrates the point between summer solstice and autumn equinox. The paper also listed various other concerns such as “public nudity and unauthorized fires”.

Wiccan High Priest and rep for the Pagan Federation, 42 year old Mani Navasothy told the Guardian that the claims were completely unfounded and that most of the time, their rituals were simply walks through the woods.

“That’s just ridiculous. Nobody is going to catch a man and abduct him. I have got a degree in physics, so I’m not an idiot. Practising Pagans just don’t do that sort of thing…We don’t do animal sacrifices and definitely not people. That would be criminal.”


Upon hearing the rumors herself, one London, England witch wrote that, “anyone sneaking into Epping Forest in the hope of spotting naked witches cavorting in the woods is likely to be very disappointed.”


These kinds of panic are nothing new for the community around Epping, as the forest has been steeped in rumors of  strange ceremonies under the cover darkness for decades. It’s been mentioned as a popular site for dirty deeds in over half a dozen cases of satanic ritual abuse (all of them dismissed), and according to experts, the wooded area has been the site of pagan worship since the Neolithic period.

For more on this story, head over to The Guardian. Thanks to Hippy_Owl on twitter for the tip!


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Greg Newkirk

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Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk

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Someone has watched ‘The Wicker Man’ once too often.

R Emmet Lee

“Effing High Street” … Really? Effing High sounds like a metaphor for something… But it won’t be the Pagans doing the killing, I’ll wager. It will be fairies.

I have visions of someone going to pick up their post in the morning: bill, bill, Farmfoods leaflet, Spec Savers leaflet, Pagans Are Going To Get You leaflet, bill, Asda vouchers…wait…what…?

A “Wiccan High Priest”?…
Ironically he probably gets tons of dumb chicks with that contrived title LOL.


Hi Count Malachi, There is a thing called Initiatory Wicca – that has been going on in the UK & now all over the world – since at least 1950’s or before (read about Gerald Gardner, Wicca..on wikipedia, if you like). And in that tradition, there are such things as 1st degree (student level) & 2nd degrees (responsible teacher levels). It’s not self-appointing. We have to train on spiritual,ritual, social & psychological matters for years before being tested and then recognized as a competent `teacher’ (High Priest / High Pristess). It’s very similar to old religions in Egypt, Rome, Greek..… Read more »
It should alarm the community. The community should thank this person who put the warning in their mailboxes. These witches can deny it all they want. I happen to know it’s true. They do strip naked in the deep woods and do all kinds of rituals and human sacrifices and dismemberment of real live drugged(soon to be dead)humans and animals. They also hold naked orgies in those deep woods so while they discourage you from wanting to look for them out there, I’m telling you they really do these things. Good idea to stay away though or you can end… Read more »

Do you ever think people in the bank line or the grocery store are conspiring against you? Have you been to therapy or received any psychiatric help in the last five years?

I’m worried about this person. Overhearing conspiracies in other people’s conversations is a sign of paranoid schizophrenia…and in “code!” Not good, not good. Thinking that other people can’t reason properly and that is in necessary to state that human sacrifice is murder.

I just hope he gets help before he hurts someone.

Good work indeed Greg…exciting this poor person. Shame.

How ridiculous, have you even read the Wiccan Rede? Fear of what you do not know or understand breeds predjudice. Wiccana do not do animal or human sacrifices, if someone did, which has never been reported, then they are NOT Wiccan.

no the guy who hangs out with my wife have been discussing killing someone for weeks now, we plan on stopping it,in fact they want to go to that old abandoned mineshaft in the mountains together 1st. i will let u know what we find.