Underwater Beast Stalking the River Lea

Underwater Beast Stalking the River Lea

It seems there might be a mysterious creature hunting the surface of the UK’s River Lea. Recently witnesses reported what they could only describe as a “creature” dragging a 16 pound Canada goose into the water so quick and stealthily that it made no sound. The officials in the nearby Olympic park have added to the monster panic by claiming that the number of swans in their park has dropped significantly.

Mike Wells, a witness who had been lounging on his boat when the recent attack happened told The Sun, “…the bird went vertically down. I was gobsmacked. There was no sign of what took it but it was obviously pretty big.” This is not the first time Mike has witnessed an attack by the creature lurking beyond the waters surface. Back in 2005 he claims to have seen the same thing happen to yet another goose.

Little else is known, though zoology graduate Michael Allen thinks it might be, “an escaped pet snake, like a python maybe”. Birds that size would make an ideal meal for a large enough reptile. In the mean time officials have warned that it might be safer to stay out of the water.


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