Nick Foust Responds to His Critics (Featuring Sergey P. & Ryan Buell)

Nick Foust Responds to His Critics (Featuring Sergey P. & Ryan Buell)

Quite a while back, we made a video parodying Sergey Poberezhny, the squirrely little guy who’s always following Ryan Buell around on Paranormal State. It’s arguably our most discussed sketch video, and the requests for the uncensored version come regularly (it was only ever shown in it’s uncensored form once at FortFest 2010).

As you can imagine, the Scooby Don’ts at the PRS weren’t too fond of the clip. They even held a “PRS parody contest” in what we’re pretty sure was an effort to bury the video, which was at that time of the top YouTube results for Sergey’s name.

It was all fun and games until someone from the PRS Fans Livejournal club made fun of Nick’s portrayal of Serg, saying that he was “not as funny as he thinks he is”. It was suddenly Nick’s turn to feel the cruel sting of the internet. The jester had become the joke, and in his quiet shame, he demanded a platform to defend his performance.

You think we’d say no?


With that said, we invite you to witness Nick Foust reprise his role as Sergey Poberezhny, viewing Nick Foust portraying Sergey Poberezhny, while talking to me as Ryan Buell, and swearing, as Nick Foust, at a fifteen year old girl who dissed him on the internet. It’s like the Inception of WF videos.


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