Harrowing Bigfoot Attack Prompts Man to Build Sasquatch-Slaying Flamethrower

Harrowing Bigfoot Attack Prompts Man to Build Sasquatch-Slaying Flamethrower

"What's that, Sasquatch? You want a hug? EAT FIRE!"

Jim Lebus is a man with a grudge.

During a camping trip in California, Jim claims that he was attacked in the darkness by an eight foot monster that had crept into his tent. As it held him down, he realized that his assailant was none other than Bigfoot himself.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on the encounter, but know that whatever happened, it must have been bad, because Jim was so thirsty for vengeance that he created a goddamn flamethrower in case he ever met the beast again.

Well, it’s sort of a flamethrower. It’s more like a painball gun modified to spew flaming globs of paint. But the important part is that it spits fire!


Jim was featured on the premiere episode of the History Channel’s Invention USA, a series that tests the prototypes created by inventors all over the country.  Did they like it? Not exactly. You see.. it has a pretty major flaw: a three second delay. One of the show’s hosts put it best:

Three second delay? Do you know how much ground a sasquatch can cover in 3 seconds?!

For a more in depth look at the contraption, plus a video of Jim (in full gear) recounting his run-in with the big guy, go check out our friends at The Bigfoot Lunch Club.


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