Minnesota Woman Sues Hypnotist for Alleged Satanic Ritual Abuse

Minnesota Woman Sues Hypnotist for Alleged Satanic Ritual Abuse

An idle insurance claim is the devil’s playground

A Minnesota resident, Lisa Nasseff (31) is suing Castlewood Treatment Center in Ballwin for allegedly treating an eating disorder with psychotropic drugs and hypnosis. Nasseff spent 15 months between 2007 to 2009 in the care of psychologist Mark Schwartz at the center for treatment of anorexia. It was there where Nasseff claims, Schwartz brainwashed her to believe she had been raped, suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder, and had also, on more then one occasion participated in satanic rituals.

The lawsuit, which was filed November 21st 2011, accuses Schwartz of implanted false memories in order to keep Nasseff in long-term treatment at Castlewood as her insurance would pay her ongoing medical bills of $650, 000.

Castlewood’s director, Nancy Albus denies the allegations and says that the treatment center will fight the lawsuit against them. Recently Schwartz himself told ABC news he had never hypnotised the woman, and that while she was in his care Lisa Nasseff had never mentioned cults, or having been involved in criminal acts of any kind.

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