Russian Cannibal Arrested: Police Interrupt Man Feasting On Friend

Russian Cannibal Arrested: Police Interrupt Man Feasting On Friend

Police arrested Nikolai Shadrin, the latest in a growing number of Russian cannibals

When various body parts began washing up on the banks of the Moscow River, Russian police quickly set up a special task force with the intent of solving a murder. The body was identified as 40 year old Ilya Yegorov, a Moscow native who had been missing since early May.

After putting together a list of suspects, police began their search, and upon entering one home on Tuesday, they made a grisly discovery.

In the apartment of Nikolai Shadrin, a man who had befriended the victim while the two shared a ward at a psychiatric hospital, police not only found the tools used to murder Yegorov, but they found bits of his body in Shadrin’s refrigerator. Investigators later noted that they had actually interrupted Shadrin’s dinner, which consisted of the victim’s liver and a side of potatoes.

Shadrin confessed to the murder, and to disposing of his friend’s body by tossing pieces into the river, and hiding it in local basements.


The arrest comes less than two years after two Russian teens killed and ate a 16 year old girl.

In Soviet Russia, meal eat you!

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